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How to overcome Elite Anne?

2013-06-09 17:48:07

Do you ever have been stuck at Elite Anne forever and cannot move forward? Elite Anne is an awe-inspiring instance for quite a few players. However, it is actually not that difficult to clear this obstacle as long as you got the tips provided here. Many players have passed this instance in their own right. But today we want to offer you some valuable tips in conquering Elite Anne and hope you have a more smoothing gaming experience with Dragon Bane Elite!

Recommended Overall: 15000+


1. Synthesize your gears to blue quality by collecting the required materials.

You can tap the materials you need and you will be directed to the instance where you can easily get these materials. Then forge your gears to the highest lv as you can. Blue gears will enhance your ability, either attack, defense or HP. Of course, higher lv gears have higher attributes!


Suggested Configuration:

Main Hero: A set of Blue Gears (blue weapon + blue necklace +blue Amor at least) and forge all blue gears to max lv.

Duke: Duke is a main tank at the initial stage. Equip him with max lv blue necklace and armor.

Valdes: A tough berserker early in the game. Wear blue weapon, necklace and armor for him! Put him in the back to attack more turns!

Relic: A female assassin. Wear blue armor, necklace is enough.

Cid: A male swordman. A reputation companion. You may be able to recruit him if you got enough rep. He will be a great helper in the battle. Just wear blue weapon for him.


Importance: ★★★★★


2. Upgrade some types of your talents to the highest lv as you are able to.

Just focus on Phy Atk,Phy Def, Skl Def and Life talents before lv30 and upgrade them to max lv. These talents are vital in the early stage of the game. Most monsters in the early stage only deals Phy Atk, so upgrading your Phy Atk, Phy Def and Life will help you and your companions survive longer in the battle! (note: enhancing all the talents will enhance the talents of all your party members, not only yourself!).


Importance: ★★★★


3. Alchemy crystals and equip them on yourself and companions!

Alchemy is unlocked when you reach lv 25. So don’t forget to leverage this valuable function! You may have a lot of gold in hand when you reach lv 25. Better quality crystals have better attributes. Pay attention to crystals that can increase your Phy Atk, Phy Def, HP, Skl Atk, Hit (for Valdes), or Block (for Duke). Don’t forget to sort out those cystals with bigger numbers and equip them on your companions!


Importance: ★★★★★


Recommended Crystals:

Main Hero: Phy Atk+Skl Atk+Hit+Critical;

Valdes: Phy Atk+Hit;

Duke: Mag Def;

Relic: Phy Atk


4. Change your formation

There are a few formations avaible. But the mose useful ones in the early stage are Fortitude and Might. Just upgrade them to lv 1 and you’ll be able to use them. Tip: the speed of a formation affects who attacks first in a battle. You don’t need to upgrade every formation to the highest level. Put the tank like Duke in the front and the main dpser like Valdes in the back. It is also highly recommended to put a high attacker towards Anne to kill Anne as soon as possible. The reason for this is to prevent Anne from releasing her Skl attack dealing damage to all characters!




Recommended Formation:



5. Join all in-game events to win Gold, Honor and Reputation.

You can join Multiplayer, World Boss and Tournament in the early stage. You will get a lot of gold, Honor and reputation in such activities. Gold can be used to level up your gears, Honor can be used to upgrade talents and formations, Reputations are used to recruit more powerful companions in the Tavern. Pay attention to the time of these activities. Don’t miss out!




6. Train your main hero and your companions!

Train you main figure and your companions! Tips: every figure is born with three attributes: Strength, Technique and Intellect. Strength will impact on one’s Phy Atk and Def; Technique will impact on one’s Skl Atk and Def while Intellect will impact on one’s Mag Atk and Def. Different professions like Berserker, Swordsman, and Mage, etc have different aspects they are strong at. So depending on the profession of your hero or companion, different attributes you should train for them.


Importance: ★★★


7. Explore mightier companions

Spend some diamonds on exploring mightier companions. In the early stage, Anka, the guardian may be suitable for you. Just recruit him and replace Duke. You could also recruit other stronger companions with Reputation. You can get Rep by joining World Boss, Tournament and challenging players in the Arena. Many may ask: “How could I get diamonds for explore?”. Well, though we highly recommend players to buy some diamonds and become a VIP player, we also have a variety of benefits for those non-spending players. For example, as long as you log in Dragon Bane Elite everyday, you will have chances to win some free diamonds. Complete the routine quests, you could also have chances to win 30 diamonds and other rewards. You could also invite friends to get easy diamonds. As long as they enter your friendship code, you will be rewarded! Once they reach certain level in the game, you’ll be rewarded diamonds as well.


Importance: ★★★★★


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