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How to defeat Elite Newman?

2013-06-09 14:31:42

Wanna defeat Elite Newman more easier? You must read following strategies which may help you greatly!


Recommended Overall: 28000+ 

1. Forge gears up to a higher lv and synthesize them into Blue gears when you reached Lv20.



Check your companions and if you see any "Shining Hammer" on any gears equipped on your companions,that's means, you can  synthesize it now! 

Tap on it and you will know the related materials for synthesizing the particular gear:

The white number means you do not have enough this kinda of materials right now,finding more materials just need tap on it and then system will direct you to corresponding Instance.

And also, you need Plans for synthesizing gears. Plans can  be gained through challenging Elite Instances and participating in Multiplayer in-game event.

Suppose you are Lv34 now, and you are able to befriend these companions for sure:


Main Hero: A set of Blue Gears or blue weapon + blue necklace +blue Amor at least. And forge all blue gears to max lv.

Duke: Duke is a great shield at the early stage of the game and we suggest you equip Duke with max lv blue necklace, blue amor, blue ring and blue helm

Valdes: Useful main attacker at the early stage of the game and you should put him in the back of formation station and make sure he can cast atk as more turns as possible. Equip him with blue max weapon, blue necklace and blue amor.

Lance: Lance is a Plot one silver-star Assassin companion and just makes sure you put a full set of equipment on him whatever the quality is(maybe a blue weapon)

Relic: Just makes sure you put a full set of equipment on him whatever the quality is(maybe a blue weapon).

Anne(5000 Reputation): It is will be more easier when you have Anne in team before meeting Elite Newman. A full set of equipment and max forging weapon is suggested.


2. Upgrade talents, especially Phy Atk,Phy Def, Skl Def and Life to max.


Just focus on Phy Atk,Phy Def, Skl Def and Life talents before lv30 and upgrade them to max lv.

Upgrade all formations to lv1 what this mean is you can use these formations once you upgraded each of them to Lv1, especially Vatality, Might formation.




3. Alchemy crystals and equip them on companions.


Alchemy crystals, better quality crystals generate better attributes. Following types of crystals you should focus on:


Phy Atk, Phy Def,HP, Skl Atk, Skl Atl,Hit(for Valdes),Havoc(latter stage) crystals .If you have Anne Mage in team now, then try to get one Mag Atk crystal for her. Remember that the better quality of crystals is, the higher attributes you will get.


4. Participate in all in-game events to win Gold, Honor and Reputation.


These 3 items play as a important role in the progress of growing! Gold used for forging gears, Honor used for upgrading Talents and formations, Reputation used for recruit better reputation companions in Tavern.


Do not miss Multiplayer, World Boss and Tournament in-game activities.


Multiplayer starts at 12:00-13:00 and 21: 00-22:00 and you will get Honor,Exp, Plans and Synthesize materials.

World Boss starts at 13:30-14:00 and 20:00-21:00 and you will get a lot of gold and Reputation here. Furthermore, top 3 dpser in world boss will get extra rewards.

Tournament starts at 19:30-20:00 and you will get a lot of Reputation and Gold.


5. Train companions.


Train your companions to a higher attributes as earlier as you can, because Training cost will increase with the lv increasing of your main hero.


6. Explore companions.


Spend little on exploring Ankha and retire your Duke.

Explore is one of the important ways to get might companions. Keep exploring and you will find the eternity of survival. 

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