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New Server Alert! S14 - ECHO!

2015-03-11 17:49:30

New Server Alert!

Server XIV: ECHO

S14 - Echo

Holylight land used to be a robust place where many races lived peacefully altogether. Miracle City, as the capital city of Holylight land, was governed by a very wise king – King Vito. Citizens there lived prosperously in a just society.

However, everything was changed since the cacique of orcs mysteriously disappeared, who used to be the greatest hero through the first Dragon Apocalypse, slaying thousands of demons. What was even worse, the initial dragon – Alpha, was revived by his servants and started to covet the prospects of Holylight land. That evil and his minions from alternative universes soon swept this beautiful continent; brought endless pain and chaos to its residents.

Some people of Miracle City and other kingdoms throughout Holylight land began searching for hope, while others betrayed their own Kings and bent their knees to the evils. Though they should be blamed, people would become more and more blood thirsty after suffering endless wars and conflicts. If one man witnessed too many disasters and bloody scenes, he would easily become desperate.

Will you join the greatest adventure and seek for the truth? Do you want to find out what really happened behind all of those conspiracies?

The brand-new server: S14-Echo is officially launching at 10:00 A.M CST, March 11th!

Your own legend is starting from here!

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