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Hall of Fame Episode ONE!

2015-01-22 14:23:57

Let’s Find the Greatest Dragon Bane Elite Together!

Hall of Fame for Dragon Bane Elite is officially arriving! Are you excited about it? Generally, we are going to make this event a series form, trying to seek for those greatest elites all around the servers step by step. So in that case, Episode ONE will be the very first beginning for this special event! Initial glory isn’t it?

The 1st phase of Episode ONE will officially start from Jan 21st to Jan 27th; during this period, all players can provide us with a candidates list (a name list of your favorite/most respectable players from S1, 2&3) through multi methods, such as using “Contact Us” in game, leaving comments on our FB Page/Forum or directly sending the list to our email address, etc. Self-recommendation is welcomed too.

Voting Example:

Hall of Fame, I vote for: S1 – Arne

Reasons: She is a great swordsman who helps me a lot in game; her advices and suggestions are always being seen in the FB page or Forum.

The 2nd phase will be the evaluation period. Our staff will comprehensively evaluate for all candidates then make ratings for them (based on their votes in total, character level, OA, total online time, previous feedbacks/advices/suggestions etc.).

After the evaluation phase, we will eventually have Top 5 players in Hall of Fame! These five elites will be rewarded with 2,000 Diamonds and 100 Justice Badges! What’s more, we would also have a special online interview for the final winner who receives the most votes!




1. Hall of Fame is a series event; we will arrange more Episodes for other servers in the future. Please be patient and anticipated.

2. Generally the requirements for the candidates are: a. Keeps playing Dragon Bane Elite for more than one year; b. Character’s level is over Lv.100; c. At least has 500K Overall.

3. Please provide us with your favorite/respectable players’ names via FB page, emails, Forum posts etc. It’ll be even better if you would like to express why you vote for them. Self-recommendation is encouraged too.

4. Our official email address is: dragonbanelzll@yahoo.com

5. Dragon Bane Elite Devs Teams have all rights reserved.

Dragon Bane Elite official site: http://dbelite.ppgame.com

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