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NewRaid: Gate of Chaos

2014-11-26 18:19:54
Seeking Lightness through the Darkness
The rules of universe have been broke.
The Gate of Chaos is open.
War finally comes.
Dragons, vampires, demons and undead soldiers, all inferior creatures are trying to be the dominator. Nowadays, they're floating through the Gate of Chaos and sooner, their minions will sweep the whole continent.
We need to take some response. Right here,right now!
New Raid: Gate of Chaos is arriving this week. Dear warriors, do you hear the war song of justice? Those bloodthirsty devils must be eliminated from the root!
Grab your weapons and unite your comrades to join the greatest combat ever!       

Dear players, do you recall that few months ago, we mentioned that we plan to replace the Raid Event by another new version? Now a brand-new cross realm raid event: Gate of Chaos (short for GOC) is ready to meet all of our warriors this week!

Compare with old Raid, GOC involves more tactics and teamwork, plus it's all day available. Warriors from all servers can set up a 2 or 3 ppl team, pick their own heroes then fight devils under the command of team captain. The entrance of GOC will remain the same, you could still enter the GOC through Raid Battle master or Routine Pts panel. Currently the rewards will be the same like old raid and we will design more attractive rewards in the future!
Hope you like the new feature! Please feel free to share your brilliant ideas with us and leave precious comments for this topic.Thank you!

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