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Server Merging for S6 & S7

2014-11-17 18:40:41

Dear adventurers, in consideration of a more healthy and competitive game environment, we decide to have a server merging. This time S6-Avalon will be merged with S7-Conqueror. The Server Merging will be conducted on Nov. 19th, at 01:00 ST. Besides, all in-game events of S6 & S7 will be temporarily removed on Nov. 18th, at 23:59 ST. Therefore we kindly remind you that please make sure to accomplish in-game events on time in case of unnecessary loss. We will add those events back once the merging process is done. Thanks for your understanding



Details of Server Merging


1. Servers to be merged:

S6-Avalon and S7-Conqueror


2. Login Entrance:

The login entrance will still remain the same after the merging, players can login though the original server entrances anyway. For instance, if you are from S6, you can simply login S6 like you always do, however instead of entering your original server, you will enter the new merged server this time, which means now you are playing with players from S7 either! If you have characters on both two servers before the merging, there’s no need to worry about it neither. Because you can now play both of your characters on the new merged server! Enter S6 if you want to play your character on S6, enter S7 if you want to play your character on S7. Please feel free to contact Customer Support if you have any questions towards the server merging!


3. Character Name

A character's name will be changed only if another character from the different server has the same name. In that case, the character on both servers will have “.S##” added to the end of their names. For Example: Tina Miller on Avalon (S6) would be Tina Miller.s6 after merging, while Tina Miller on Conqueror (S7) would be Tina Miller.S7 after the merging, if there were two Tina Miller on both S6 and S7.


4. Arena

4.1 Arena Ranking:

Rank 1 from both servers will be randomly displayed by “new rank 1” and “new rank 2” after the merging; while rank 2 from both servers will be randomly displayed by “new rank 3” and “new rank 4”, and so on…


4.2 Arena Ranking Rewards:

The first Arena Reward will be sent out 3 days later after the merging. After that, it will change back to the original mode (every 48 hours at 00:00 server time).


5. Guild Name

A Guild's name will only be changed if another guild from a different server had the same name. In that case, the guild on both servers will have .S## added to the end of the original name. For Example: Fairy Tale on Avalon (S6) would be FairyTale.s6, while Fairy Tale on Conqueror (S7) would be Fairy Tale.s7 after the merging, if there are two Fairy Tale guilds on both S6 and S7.


6. Ranking

The Rankings will also be “merged” and “recalculated” after the server merging. New data will be displayed and reset at 00:00 server time every day as usual.


7. Others Data

All characters’ data will be preserved (including equipment, stats, diamonds, Gold, Honor, level, crystals and VIP experience, etc). Current quest progress and Dungeon progress will also be preserved.


8. Server Merging Events

We will set up unique events and activities for the merged server! Please focus on our official website, forum or Face book page for more information!



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