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New CRC Comp is Landing

2014-11-13 09:55:10

4GS Assassin ---- Lucifer!

Gabriel and Lucifer are like two edges of one blade. Both of them are sharp and dangerous, however it depends on how you want to swing that blade and fight for what.

Just like Gabriel, Lucifer was one of the most admirable servants around King Vito. He handled palace affairs carefully with caution and humbleness; eliminated enemies silently without drawing any attention. He used to be an easygoing civilian hero, treated his soldiers well and most importantly, he was never being a sauce-box.

Proverb says: “one is its own worst enemy”. Through years of cruel combats with evils, Lucifer gradually lost his faith and belief towards justice. He couldn't help himself to think in this way:” Did I always make a right call? Have I ever hurt anyone by an accident? Am I guilty too and one of those monsters?” His self-suspicion was driving him crazy day by day and finally, that inner pressure just erupted and destroyed his mind. He left his king and people, vanished from everyone’s eyesight. This great hero of Miracle City had fallen too.

Nowadays, Lucifer is hiding somewhere secretly while waiting for your summon! Are you going to show a shining path for him?


Comp’s Name: Lucifer

Class: Assassin

Rank: 4-Gold

Basic Stats:

STR 558

TEC 400

INT 260


Normal Attack:

Single Atk to a back-row enemy and increases Lucifer’s Phy Atk by 8% for 1 turn, this effect can be overlapped for 20 times at most.


Reverse Stab:

Evil stab to a back-row enemy from an incredible angle, decrease the target’s Block by 20%, lasts for 1 turn.


Shadow Cloak: Lucifer will vanish into the shadow immediately while danger comes. He is immune for Skl Atk.


Note: Lucifer is a special comp who can only be exchanged with Justice Badges in CRC store.

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