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Improvement This Week: 100 Routine Pts!

2014-10-29 10:32:48

Dear Dragon Bane Elite warriors, how are you?  We have some good news for you about Routine Points in our game. Actually we've been receiving suggestions, advice and even complaints towards this feature from our players all the time. We totally agree currently this function is not that perfect as it supposed to be, thus we decide to make some improvement for it.  Hereby I would like to show you the new demands and rewards of Routines and wish all you like it and of course, if you have better ideas of thoughts, just post them below. 

New Routine Panel:
Login: +1R-Pts                                 Reforge Gems for 3 times: +2R-Pts
Commission: +1R-Pts                        Dungeon: +5R-Pts
D-Chest: +3R-Pts                              Fuse Evo Stones: +5R-Pts
5 times Instance: +5R-Pts                   Plunder: +2R-Pts
5 times Training: +4R-Pts                   5 times Summon: +5R-Pts
3 times Forging: +3R-Pts                    Raid: +5R-Pts
3 times D-Quest: +8R-Pts                   Abyssal Dungeon: +3R-Pts
Exploration: +3R-Pts                         Meditation: +5R-Pts
3 times Arena: +4R-Pts                      Ruins of Twilight: +4R-Pts
3 times Multiplayer: +5R-Pts               5 times Rated 3v3: +5R-Pts
3 times E-Instance: +4R-Pts                5 times Rated Solo: +5R-Pts
5 times Alchemy: +5R-Pts                   3 times Guild Quest: +3R-Pts
World Boss: +5R-Pts                          3 times Diamonds using: +5R-Pts
Tourny: +5R-Pts                                                
Total: 110 R-Pts
R-Pts:             25                 50                    75                100
Rewards:    20 Stamina      500K Gold      50 Diamonds     Special R-Pts Pack
Note: Special R-Pts Pack can be randomly opened up with: Massive Inspiration, Brimbead, 100 Diamonds, Celestial Badge x2 or Elder Scroll!

Above is all the information about New Routine! Hope all of you like it and welcome to share your opinions and suggestions with us! Thanks for your patient reading

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