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Cross-Platform Server Launching Soon!

2014-08-04 11:08:07

Hello, my friend has an Android phone, can he play this game with me?”


Hi GM, can I play this game on Android?”


Hello dev, I can’t find this game on Google Market, where is it”


Before today, answers to these questions are sadly “No”. But today, we’re proud to present S10; it is a server that can be both played on iOS and Android. From now on, players from both platforms can enjoy this wonderful game with no difference!


For players with iOS device, S10 is another new server to start the epic journey, and for players with Android device, S10 is a whole new world to adventure in! From now on, your friends will never be left alone because of an Android phone or pad, no discrimination among people, and peace will come to earth!


You might still have some questions for this cross-platform server, here’s the FAQ you might need.


S10 FAQ:


1. What is the iOS-Android cross-platform server in DBE?


An iOS-Android cross-platform server means both players with iOS devices and Android devices can play the game in the same server. You can now invite your friend with Android device to join you and play together!


2. Can I use the same Email address to register on both iOS and Android devices?


Yes, you can use the same Email address to register on both iOS and Android devices, but please note that characters on these two accounts are not linked.


3. How to register the game on an Android device?


It is same as the iOS, player just need to bind your device with an Email address, then you can login this account on any other Android devices.


4. Can I login my iOS character on an Android device or vice versa?


No, you may use the same Email address to register in the game, but the account on iOS device is separate from account on Android device, they are independent accounts so you can’t share the any characters on both devices.


5. How to buy Diamonds in an iOS-Android cross-platform server?


With the iOS device, players can buy Diamonds via iTunes as usual, and Android players can buy Diamonds via Google Play.


6. Can I share the Diamonds I bought on both iOS and Android devices?


No, since accounts on iOS and Android devices are not related, the Diamonds you bought on each platform can only be used on corresponding platforms.


7. Is the Diamond price the same on both iOS and on Android?


Yes, the price to buy Diamonds is the same on iOS and on Android. We’ll try our best to create the best gameplay on both systems.


8. What is the difference between iOS and Android in terms of gameplay?


Except for the register and Diamonds buying difference answered above, all the other gameplays are the same for both systems. PVP, PVE, Daily Quests, Ranking, Chatting, Events, Guild, CRC, Mall…… All the features and systems are the same for both iOS and Android platform.


Again, S10 coming soon. Welcome to all the old friends and new friends, enjoy the game!

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