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CRBG Final Fight List

2014-07-24 15:11:27

Donation phase, 2 sections, 32 best guilds are on the list, they will contest for the final champion Be careful Wardogs,tough fights are coming!



The list is as follows:




    Guild           Level      Server  Leader

1.      Wardogs         Lv.8       S1       Salgod

2.      Meridalkobashi    Lv.8       S1       Lassarkaur

3.      Abominations     Lv.3      S1       Diamond

4.      Top             Lv.3        S1      Yeayea

5.      The Ascended     Lv.8        S3       Dysie

6.      Holy Swords       Lv.5      S3       Antonio Goff

7.      Kissmyclass       Lv.6        S3       Lechatnoir

8.      Immortals        Lv.4       S3       Deaths Fury

9.      Talion Justice      Lv.6        S2      Drizzt Dourden

10.  Act Of Valor       Lv.8       S2       Leebone

11.  Redrum           Lv.7        S2     Krazed Lunatik

12.  Bound By Blood    Lv.3        S2      Lil Mischevious

13.  Pantheon         Lv.6       S4      Jaime Darklyn

14.  Valkarina          Lv.7       S4     Myrakat

15.  Anhemmotnha     Lv.5       S4     Yellowdevil

16.  Kissmyclass        Lv.6       S4      Magikman





Guild           Level      Server  Leader


1.      Afterlife          Lv.5       S8     Ginger

2.      Risen            Lv.5       S8      Barolo

3.      Blitzballers       Lv.4        S8     Doge muse

4.      Overt Enemy      Lv.4       S9     Nemesis

5.      Holypoly         Lv.4        S9     Polyanka

6.      Pure Evil         Lv.6        S5      Mostevil

7.      Imbalanced       Lv.6       S5      Zyzoxina

8.      E M P I R E        Lv.7       S5      Felicity

9.      Juggalo County    Lv.2        S5     Whitefox

10.  Exodus           Lv.5       S7      Ixis

11.  Haven           Lv.5        S7     Gia K

12.  Anarchy          Lv.3       S7     Caleb

13.  Stunnaz          Lv.6       S6     Armarius

14.  Supreme Team Lv.7 S6 Kitiara

15.  Theone Lv.3 S6 Wei

16.  Striker Lv.4 S6 Hinito


-Prediction&Preparation: 04:00 on July 23rd-20:10 on July 24th

 During the prediction period, all players can make their prediction on who's going to be the champion. If your prediction finally comes true, you get reward from in-game mail!


-War Time: 20:10 on July 24th

 During the War Time, 16 top guilds of each zone will be divided into 2 groups, then climb up to the champion just like in CRC!


It’s time to show how a real good guild should be like! Come on and fight together with your guildies!!


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