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[CRBG] 16 Guilds are fighting for the victory tonight!

2014-06-25 18:19:06

Tonight, at 20:10, all 16 participating guilds will be fighting in Cross-realm Battleground War Time!

Don' forget to predict the champion!

Will Wardog hold their Champion? Or it will be like this World Cup that dark horses rule the game?

Gather all your guildies to make it change!!



Guild Name  Server   Castle   Leader

Afterlife           S8         Lv5      Ginger

Risen              S8         Lv4      Barolo

Wardogs         S1          Lv7     Salgod

Meridalkobashi   S1         Lv8     Lassarakaur

The Ascended     S3       Lv8       Suicide

Holy Swords        S3        Lv5   Antonio Goff

Talion Justice     S2         Lv6    Herculus

Act of Valor         S2        Lv8   Whiite Kniite

Pure Evil   S5   Lv6    Mostevil

E M P I R E   S5   Lv7    Felicty

Valkarina    S4   Lv6    Leanna

Pantheon     S4   Lv5   Jaime Darklyn

Exodus     S7     Lv7   lxis

Haven     S7      Lv5    Gia K

Stunnaz    S6    Lv6     Armarius

Supreme Team  S6  Lv6  Kitiara

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