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Scheduled MA at 02:00 ST on June 19th

2014-06-19 12:44:13

Hello all, new week is coming! We’d like to share some info of the update this week:


1.    New rules for Rated PvP are added

According to the suggestions we received from our dearest players, we have added several new rules to Rated PvP:


-After leaving or being kicked from a team, you get 100 minutes Cooldown time during which you can not join a team. Kind of like Guild Leaving CD.

-Now a team leader can promote another member as the new leader.

-Match range for team pvp is extended.

-In each season, you have to join at least 60 solo matches to get the solo pvp reward! For team pvp, you need to join at least 40 team matches to get the team reward!

-For a 3 member team, you can start a match even when the leader and any other member is ready. That is to say you don't need to wait all 3 member to get ready.

-Cross-realm Ranking is unlocked!


2.       Notice tips for PvP team leaving, member kicking and CD period are added.

3.       Notice tip for Check-in clearing and Buyback refresh are added.

4.       Bobo Ironfist Touchdown’s skill is adjusted. Check handbook for the newest Bobo!

5.       AOE damage problem of hero skill is fixed. Thank you for your reports& help!

6.       The Aeon you pick will be locked automatically. (Unless you unlock it while it’s still picked. This is to avoid releasing the Aeon by mistake.)

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