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Aeons & Aeon Farm!

2014-05-22 11:36:39

Aeons and Aeon Farm!


Under your meticulous care, the Baby Dragon has grown up day by day! To thank all that had helped her, she brought a big news to us: the launch of Aeons!

Let’s have a preview of the key words of the coming features!


Aeon System: http://dbelite.ppgame.com/game.php?mod=detail&id=52&show=1

Aeon Farm: http://dbelite.ppgame.com/game.php?mod=detail&id=53&show=1


-Aeon: Different kinds of Aeons may come from different world. However, they are all kind creatures, for they answer the call of kind people in Miracle City. They have different look, Talent, Quality, Basic Stats. Some of them even have already learned a skill! Among them all, Felhunter, Demon, Sabertooth, Hippogriff, Observer, Aestus and Firebreath will be the first to come to our world. What’s more, once you pick an Aeon in team, it will follow you in city and instances, and be the first one to take action in battles!


-Nimbus: You need Nimbus to upgrade your Aeons and make them grow up! Your Aeons will become stronger after upgrading, and once it reaches certain level, its appearance will change too! Who would not like to keep a big and cool-looking friend (such as the red dragon Firebreath) following around?


-Aeon Farm: Aeon Farm is where you produce materials for Aeon Skills. Everyone has his/her own farm, as well as Promise Land, Workshop and Storage in it. Just like guild buildings, you have to upgrade your  structures to get batter material output as well as Aeons!


-Promise Land: A place for you to summon the Aeons. By upgrading Promise Land, you get better chance to summon Aeons of high quality.


-Aeon Skill: Your Aeon can learn skills to help you change the battles! Two basic types of skill—Action and Reinforce can be learned through skill books. You have to take a little time to think about what skill to learn and how to arrange them.


-Aeon Stats: Sometimes you can get an Aeon that has one or more stats on it. If you pick this Aeon in team, these stats will be added to your Main Hero!


-Plunder: It sounds a little evil, but you have to do it sometimes! You can enter other player’s farm to plunder his/her materials in workshop. However, you have chance to get nothing but beaten up by a strong and angry host…


-Practice: Go adventure around the world! Meet different players and get materials from them! Different companions drop different materials. No worries for the one you challenge, cuz even if they would not sacrifice any material!

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