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Wardog from S1 has won the 1st CRBG!

2014-05-15 17:09:54

   After hours of tensed fights, Wardog form server 1- Dawn has proven themselves to be the strongest guild in the 1st Cross-realm Battleground! During the whole competition, all 16 participating guilds had shown their teamwork and enthusiasm as the greatest among all. Through the battles, we’ve learned that how important it is to keep a guild active and get more reliable members. To build a best guild, you need to do construction to get higher castle level for recruiting, upgrade the Hall of Honor for members to complete more quests then gain fund/contribution, call up guildies to join Ring Boss then share your ideas. However, the most important is to help each other in guild and play as a family.


    Friend is the most precious thing you can get from a game! When we fight for guild, we fight for the nice players that share the days with us. We came from different places, but are bounded together because of this special team: GUILD. Wardog from S1 has shown us how excellent a team can be, next time it will be your opportunity to rule the battleground!!


   Great job Server 1 and all. Keep fighting!

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