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Anniversary Month begins from now!

2014-05-08 18:30:31


Finally, Dragon Bane Elite Anniversary has started!! It will be the most beneficial month to all! As long as you go through all the events and stay active, you can get AT LEAST 2000 DIAMONDS as will as big amount of Gold, Honor and Energy for FREE!! That’s AT LEAST!! Which means if you work more on events like Special Instances, Dragon Baby Raising, you can get more and more!


Also, we’ve prepared splendid VIP bonus for all vip players! Huge amount of Honor for the first week and Energy for the second week of Anniversary!! Other super worthy items such as Anniversary Giftpack, Epic Crystal Chest and the most wanted Chest of Mars are here in Shopping Mall waiting to be yours!!


To welcome the following updates such as the 4th Main Class: Druid and Aeon System, we’ve prepared related events such as special instance Fallen City, Druid Morph Card and Dragon Baby Raising!! Let’s feel some pieces of new updates before the next maintenance on May 22nd, and win superb rewards for our hard work!!


Don’t forget to take care of your guild! Since there will be the 1st Cross-realm Battleground which allows strongest guilds among all servers to compete together, it’s time to spend more on your guild!! Remember, not only the winners, but also all players of the Champion Guild’s server will be rewarded!! Where are my best friends? Come and show them what a real great guild should be like!!


Care about companions? This time we invited a superstar: 4-Gold Companion Bobo Ironfist Touchdown (Bobo I.T. for short)! His stalwart figure and crazy skill will tear all his enemies into pieces!! Bobo will be the 1st 4-Gold Companion that lands on the land of Dragon Bane Elite, but this super hero seems a little bit hard to get close to, cuz his the Exclusive Reward for the winner of Cross-realm Wealth Ranking!!


Bobo can tell us what a wild berserker is like, but how about Magic Damage dealer? Any new and strong companion that is not exclusive for just a single man? Of course! Here comes Ink the Heartcontroller!! His octopus face and secret crystal orb are reminding us his power as a 3-Gold Star Mage!! As long as Magic Attack can’t be blocked, Mage like Ink shall be impressive!


Not only new companions, but also our old friends like Dryad sisters, adorable Mr. Chen, Dante the demon swordsman and Freja will see us in event “Ink the Mage”!! You got Elder Scrolls? Get your dream companions then!!


You can also take part in events on our Official Forum or Facebook! During the Anniversary event time, our unsearchable Developers will show up in forum to hear and answer! You can know more about the game as well as the story behind trough the event threads! And don’t forget the naughty GM Arne! She may show up in the Miracle City and spread some delicious Redeem Codes out for you!!


At last, please remember the birthday of Dragon Bane Elite: May 21st!! Happy birthday DBE, and thank you all our dearest players!! Hope you all can experience an unforgettable Anniversary Month!

New events including the most welcomed Alchemy Discount and new features will come week by week! Let’s stay tune to the official news and LET THE PARTY START FROM NOW!!

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