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Tell the best guild in CRBG!

2014-05-06 15:33:47


Dear players, Dragon Bane Anniversary Month will start from May 8th! Guess what is the first surprise of the whole anniversary tour? Yes! It's our new big event—Cross-Realm Battleground!


Cross-realm Battleground is a mothly competition between top guilds among all servers. It calls more for teamwork rather than personal performance. In a word, the strongest players don't always build up the best guild! The participants will enjoy great tension, even greater than Guild War or CRC!!


Since this is the 1st CRBG, let’s know more about this big competition here on official site:



The 1st Cross-Realm Battleground goes like this:


-Statistics Period: 04:00 on May 9th-04:00 on May 13th

During Statistics Period, fund growth of each guild will be ranked. Top 2 guilds of each server will get the ticket to Cross-realm Battleground!

 Spots for each server:

Server 1: Top 2 guild on fund growth ranking

Server 2: Top 2 guild on fund growth ranking

Server 3: Top 2 guild on fund growth ranking

Server 4: Top 2 guild on fund growth ranking

Server 5: Top 2 guild on fund growth ranking

Server 6: Top 2 guild on fund growth ranking

Server 7: Top 2 guild on fund growth ranking

Server 8: Top 2 guild on fund growth ranking



-Prediction&Preparation: 04:00 on May 13th-20:10 on May 14th

 During the prediction period, all players can make their prediction on who's going to be the champion. If your prediction finally come true, you get reward from in-game mail!


-War Time: 20:10 on May 14th

 During the War Time, 16 top guilds among all servers will be divided into 2 groups, then climb up to the champion just like in CRC!


The winners of CRBG will be sent rewards through in-game mail. The rewards include big amount of Gold, Honor Point and Campfire which can be collected to be exchanged into other goods.

Please notice that you will get an in-game mail with your reward once you lose a war!! Since the rewards are sent to everyone in a guild, we don’t suggest you to leave your guild during CRBG.:)


It’s time to show how a real good guild should be like! Come on and fight together with your guildies!!

Dragon Bane Elite official site: http://dbelite.ppgame.com

Dragon Bane Elite official forum: http://dbe.ppgame.com/forum.php

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