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Maintenance rescheduled for upcoming BIG EVENTS!

2014-04-30 17:57:45


Time passes, seasons change. Dragon Bane Elite is going to have her first birthday party in May. She’s very excited about it and is preparing a lot of gifts for all players that love her and support her. But she’s nervous about this upcoming BIG PARTY too, because she want to make this birthday-month enjoyable to everyone, and that requires amazing concentration and hard work.       

   However, all the efforts she is taking are good to her following life, also to her best friends- our dearest players!! After thinking carefully, she has made a decision:


Maintenance time will be adjusted for the upcoming new features and events in the coming days! The next maintenance will not happen on May 2nd, but May 8th instead! No worries, she has already prepared plenty of events as well as tips & info about the Anniversary Month to keep your company during the period till Anniversary starts!! We adjusted the maintenance time, so as to better make the events and new features, also to provide better service and communication!


Among all news that she wants to share with you, there’s one that she likes to tell at first. As some of our dearest players have heard about in Dragon Bane Elite Official Forum, a war, a competition that involves ALL TOP GUILDS among the servers will happen soon in May!! Yes it is, Cross-realm Battleground (CRBG) is going to happen in DBE soon!!


Let’s say hello to these KEYWORDS OF DBE ANNIVERSARY first:

-Free Diamonds & other luxury benefit for every one!

- New Cool and Powerful Companions: Bobo Ironfist, Ink, Lesley and The Super Trio companions!

- Big competition: Cross-realm Battleground!

-Birthday Night at May 21st!

- The 4th main class: Druid!

- Never fight alone! Farm and Summon the Aeons!

- Splendid VIP bonus for Vip 0-10!!


* All features might be adjusted in game.


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Dragon Bane Elite official forum: http://dbe.ppgame.com/forum.php

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