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CRC: Advent of Archangel!

2014-04-18 16:55:08

* All features might be adjusted in game.


Archangel landed!

Cross-realm Cup comes again!


Landed the archangel, with the wings shining brightly against the sky.

Landed the archangel, with the sword reflecting dazzling in the hand.


"I can feel the spark of light inside every one of you.

I can feel the drum of thunder around every one of you.

Let me feel your determination. Let me feel them all!

Let me see if you can be the mortal or the hero!"



You can feel the trembling energy of potential in your veins. You wonder why this holy creature is floating there looking down to all people in miracle city. But you have the voice hovering in mind:

The battle begins! Cross-realm cup is coming !


From now on, top 32 players in Cross-realm Cup can gain more Honor Points than before and also Justice Badges which can be exchanged into splendid rewards. Not only 4-Gold companion Archangel Gabriel, but also other useful items in the future. 

Once a player become one of the top 4 players, all players on their servers can get 200 diamonds+5000K Gold+10000 Honor Points each!   (P.S: If two or more of top 4 players are from the same server, the players on their server can only get this reward once!)


Stage I. Individual-server qualifier Competition

-Time of qualifier stage: 10:00 on April 18- 23:59:59 on April 21

-Servers involved: S1 - S7

-Promotion spots for Cross-realm play-off:

Server 1: best 7 players

Server 2: best 7 players

Server 3: best 4 players

Server 4: best 4 players

Server 5: best 5 players

Server 6: best 3 players 

Server 7: best 2 players 

 The number of spots for each realm are based on the server environment and the last Cross-realm Cup



Brief introduction of qualifier stage:

-Players can always challenge the spot holders; holders cannot initiate a challenge.

-The winner will take (or keep) the spot.

-Realm Pick-up Chests will be given to the holders at the end of the qualifier stage.

-The qualified players will later be fighting in the cross-realm play-off.

-Altogether, there will be 32 players fighting in the play-off stage.

-Good-timing chests will be given away at 12:00 and 20:00 server time to those who is holding the spot at the very moment. A Good-timing chest contains a random one of 200 diamonds, 300K Gold, 100K energy, 10*Evolution Stone lv1, 4*Evolution Stone Lv2 or Minor Luck Charm.

-You will get a Pack of Warsoul when challenge or be challenged 20 times. With the Warsouls you get from them, you can use them before Cross-realm Play-off to support a participant you like and grant him/her extra Defense, Resilience or Health.

-The time to use Warsoul is during 00:00-20:00 server time on December 20! Tap on the name of your favorite participants and Support them!


Stage II. Cross-server Championship


In addition, all the players in the game can get involved in the competition by watching the thrilling battles and encouraging the participants. You can even make a bet on the match and win lots of rewards in return!


Knockout: 16 out of 32, 8 out of 16 and 4 out of 8.

The semifinals and final: The semifinals and final will be conducted between the 4 winners of Knockout competitions, which will then decide the final champion!

-Time of play-off:  April  22-23

 20:00 on April 22: Best 32 to 8 and Best 8 to 4 (2/3 wins for group matches and quarter final)

 20:00 on April 23: Semi Final and Final (3/5 wins for semi final and final)


Brief introduction of Cross-realm play-off:

1. Every victory in the Cross-realm play-off will win their rewards.

2. The losing side gets knocked out while the winner advances to the next round.

3. Before a match begins, players can gain stat bonuses from Booster them self.

4. Spectators can bet on the games and have a chance to earn extra Gold.
5. Spectators can also send greetings to the champion to win worthy rewards.

6. Before the Play-off starts, Spectators can now 'Support' the participants with Warsouls, earning extra bonuses for themselves.

7. The Champion can use Champion's Blessing to give away nice bonuses to all the online adventurers in his/her realm.


 Warm up for the fight, warrior! Check your armors and potions. It's gonna be the unforgettable moment!

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