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Cross-realm Rated PvP is launched!

2014-02-28 17:19:09

Make a team with your friends and challenge fighters among all servers!! The time has come to show up in a wilder world! This new system will randomly find matches for you based on your rating. You must create or join a team first to take part in the Cross-realm team pvp, or get yourself randomly matched with 2 teammates and hold together to challenge other players!


Cross-realm Rated PvP


-Duration of CR PvP: Rated Solo is 14:00-20:00, while Rated Team is 20:00-22:00!

-Required Level: Main Hero Level 50

The PvP icon will  appear on main screen when it's time. Tap on it to enter the PvP interface.


-For team rated pvp, a team consists 2 to 3 players. The system will randomly find matches for your team based on your team rating. The team leader can dismiss the team and arrange the order of play.

Tap on Order to get to order interface. When leader is preparing to start a match, all team member will get a notice. When a member tapped on Ready, there will be a check mark showing up. When all members are ready, leader can tap on Find Match to start a match.

Then the team will wait for a few seconds for system to search among all servers to find suitable team to have battles with. The battles will be like tournament, one stand and fight on after another till death.

-A player can only be in one team at one time.




-For rated solo, you will be solo-matched with 2 teammates and 3 enemies from all servers and have battles.Once you have 20 challenges within one day, you get 40000 Honor Pts as rewards!

-The winning team or solo will gain points.

-All team and solo will be ranked by their Points. The win rate will also show on Cross-realm Team Ranking panel.


 About  Cross-realm PvP Titles

Tap on Title icon to access Title panel, you can notice this PvP Title icon at bottm left. Tap on it to access PvP Title panel!



At first you can see no title there, for you have not get any title yet.

If you act strong in PvP battles and become one of top players (teams) on Cross-realm PvP ranking, the system will send your PvP Titles to you at 00:00 AM on each other Friday.


Once you get a title, you have to tap on Display to equip it! It will boost your stat just like the normal Titles.

After equiping the PvP Title, it will display above your character instead of normal title. Your normal title will still be working and boosting your stats as usuall!


However, if you get 2 or more PvP Titles, you can only use one at a time!

Different from normal titles, PvP Titles have life span. They are sent to you at 00:00 AM on Sundays, but will be gone at 00:00 AM on Thursday the week after next (13 days of life span).


There are two types of PvP Titles: Solo Titles and Team Titles.

Solo Titles include: Reaper, Bloodhands, Butcher.

Team Titles include: Marshal, Centurion, Gladiator.


Please notice that Team Titles can only be claimed when you are in your team which has won you this Title. So please don't quit your current team if you want to claim and use your new Team Title!

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