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Romantic Valentines Day!

2014-02-07 11:02:14


Valentine’s Day is coming! For the following week, the whole miracle city will be filled with romantic air! Want more Companions? Want Gems and other treasures? Want to speak out your love to your sweet heart? Let’s have a preview of the Valentine’s Events!


-Send Roses to Your Friends!

Do you have some one you like or respect in game? Or are you already fall in love with him/her actually?? No matter for what kind of love, send roses to him/her to show your passion! During the event, find Rose Sprite who stands beside the statue to send roses to your friends! You can gain points from sending roses and exchange them into worthy rewards! Also, you can check the Be Loved ranking to see who are receiving the most roses and their “big sender”, as well as roses you received and your “big sender”!


-Have a taste of Ruby/Topaz!

Having trouble with the price of Ruby/Topaz? Never have a taste of this powerful gem? No worries, this time, stay active in game and win Ruby home! During the event, with 25, 50 or 75 R-Pts gained, you can get a Minor Mystic Token for each! With Minor Mystic Tokens you can exchange them into Topaz/Ruby!


-Beat Rose Sprite for your love!

It is said that, with roses picked from the mysterious Rosebud sent to your lover, you two will be living happily forever. However, the owner of the Rosebud—Rose Sprite is not happy with people picking her flowers so easily. She will stop each challenger to protect her roses. Will you be willing to take this challenge and beat her to get Roses for your sweet heart?

During the event, you can gain Roses from this instance and send them to your friends to gain points for rewards! Also you will have chance to get a Basket of Rose which can be exchanged into Gems or Honor on Basket of Rose event panel!


-Freja Falls From Her Palace!

3-Gold Mage Freja is following her love and stepping in Miracle City! Chest of Mars comes again! With enough Elder Scrolls from it, you can get mighty Gold Companions such as Dante or Freja!!

This time, opening Chests will be faster! And you can get other rewards than what lies inside of Chests if you open them more!! Hard work pays off!!


-Lunar Realm

“Listen that. It’s Freja playing her Lunar Realm again!”

Lunar Realm might be the saddest piece of music in this world. You can almost see a lonely Dryad who can never get a good ending of her love through those notes and tune. When Freja plays this piece, she’s not only telling her story, but also killing her enemies! During the event, challenge Elite Instance Lunar Realm and defeat Freja! This is going to be tough! If you defeat Freja, you can get a Morph: Freja which can increase all your Atk by 500 for 6 online hours!!


-Dragonseye & Epic Crysal Limited Releasing!

Epic Crystal is different from normal crystals and Rare Crystals--It boosts two of your stats! For more info of Epic Crystal please check:


Dragonseye is a kind of gem that will break the legend of Ruby. For more info about Dragonseye please check



These are just part of the Valentine’s Events! More events such as purchase bonus and Gems Crash or other events will be released in game! Stay tune to our news and Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

* Events & Rewards might be different according to servers!!!

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