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Hero Skill is Launched!

2014-01-17 17:21:12

Hero Skill is Launched! Say good bye to your old skill for


You need to reach Level 40 to unlock Hero Skill!

Hero skill is only for your main hero, and each Hero Skill includes Normal and Skill attack.


 Currently you can choose from 6 kinds of skills of your class. For each skill, here are 10 levels. Once you upgrade a skill to higher level, it will get stronger, and even have more kinds of effects!


Tap on Character icon, choose your main hero and then tap on Skill button to enter Hero Skill interface. You can check your current hero skill on Character Panel.



Here you can see 6 different skills are available currently. Tap on each skill icon to check its current level and effect.


To equip a skill, you can double click/tap on its icon, or drag it to the slot in center.

To equip a skill, you need to upgrade it to level 1!

After tap on an icon, tap on Study button to study and upgrade this skill.


Here you can see all conditions you need to learn a skill. Please notice that if you want to upgrade a skill to high level, you have to reach a certain Total Level. For example, if you want to upgrade a skill to lv2, you have to upgrade other 3 skill to at least lv1 to reach Total Level 4.


Basically you need Gold, Wisdom Essence and Inspiration to make progress.

Gold and Wisdom Essence are needed each time you study a skill, while Inspiration (such as Devil’s Cry, Dragon Mark, Evil Fruit, ect.) is needed when you upgrade a skill to higher level.

You can purchase Essence and Inspiration with Earthern Crests in Goldmine Shop. You can enter Goldmine Shop through NPC Irina or in mining interface.


Please notice that, each time you study a skill, you make a little progress. Sometimes you will make bigger progress at a time, like a Critical Study!



After you changed your hero skill, you can tap on your main hero to check your current skill in battles.

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