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[S6] Server 6: Avalon is launched!

2014-01-17 12:34:47

Event 1: Extra Rewards

During the event, with 25, 50 Routine Points gained you can claim corresponding extra rewards  on the event panel. With enough Minor Mystic Tokens you can exchange then into Diamonds or Contract: Sinclair!


25 R-Pts: Lesser Stamina Potion

50 R-Pts: 300k Gold+Minor Mystic Token

Note: Event time is based on server time and will reset at 04:00 AM!


Event 2: Panda! I Love Panda!

The Panda Monk is a reliable AoE dpser early in the game. Recruit Mr. Lee during the event to win valuable first buy gift pack.

Duration: Forever

Rewards: 100K Gold, 1* Necklace of Legacy, 1* Amethyst, 10* Minor Exp Potion, Mr. Lee contract.


1. Purchase any amount of diamonds for the FIRST TIME to earn the contract of Mr. Lee and the First Buy pack will be sent to your in-game email automatically.

2. The reward can only be claimed once after you recruited and invited Mr. Lee into your party!

3. The event time is based on Dragon Bane Elite server time! Panda! I love Panda!



Event 3. Are you prepared?

Want to have an upper hand among the crowd? Hurry up. Level your main character up to 15, 20, 30and win rewards during the event time!


-Each reward can only be claimed once. The Lv15 reward will be sent by system!

-Please make sure you have enough space in your backpack before claiming the rewards.

-The event time is based on Dragon Bane Elite server time.



Event 4: Panda Coupons

During the event, you will get a Panda Coupon each day after buying any amount of Diamonds! With these Coupons, you can win Lv40 Main Hero Equipments!

Bonus: Panda Coupons


1. The rewards can only be claimed once for a day during the event.

2 The event will be reset at 04:00 AM server time every day.



Event 5: Coupon Exchange

Got any Panda Coupon? Come and check these equipments for your hero! Remember, the Main Hero equipments are exclusive for your Main Hero and their Class: Hunter, Berserker or Swordsman!

---------------------------Main Hero: Hunter--------------------------

1*Panda Coupon = 1*Gloves of Feather

1*Panda Coupon = 1*Helm of Feather

1*Panda Coupon = 1*Armor of Feather

1*Panda Coupon = 1*Amulet of Feather

1*Panda Coupon = 1*Ring of Feather

2*Panda Coupon = 1*Bow of Feather


---------------------------Main Hero: Berserker--------------------------

1*Panda Coupon = 1*Gloves of Greed

1*Panda Coupon = 1*Helm of Greed

1*Panda Coupon = 1*Armor of Greed

1*Panda Coupon = 1*Amulet of Greed

1*Panda Coupon = 1*Ring of Greed

2*Panda Coupon = 1*Axe of Greed


---------------------------Main Hero: Swordsman--------------------------

1*Panda Coupon = 1*Gloves of Thorn

1*Panda Coupon = 1*Helm of Thorn

1*Panda Coupon = 1*Armor of Thorn

1*Panda Coupon = 1*Amulet of Thorn

1*Panda Coupon = 1*Ring of Thorn

2*Panda Coupon = 1*Sword of Thorn

Duration: December 13-27

Note: Each reward can only be exchanged once! Please pay attention to the class, or your main hero might not be able to equip them. Companions can not equip them!



Event 6: At your service!

You can recruit and invite new companions in many ways and they will be fighting for you through the fire and flames. During the event, recruit one or more of the companions below! Some of them should be recruited through Exploration, while others through Tasks!

P.S. You can check the details of companions in Handbook.

-Recruit and invite Valdes: 100 Reputation, 1*Greater Exp Potion

-Recruit and invite Ankha: 200 Reputation, 2*Greater Exp Potion.

-Recruit and invite Anne: 1*Sapphire, 5*Greater Exp Potion

-Recruit and invite Lady Kitty: 10*Starfire Crests, 10*Greater Exp Potion

-Recruit and invite Daisy: 1*Amethyst, 5*Major Exp Potion

-Recruit and invite Calvert: 2* Amethyst, 5*Major Exp Potion

Note: Each reward can only be claimed once!


Event 7: Alchemy Art

Can’t wait to boost your companions? Crystal helps a lot. Obtain Crystals of certain quality through Alchemy during the event time to win the worthy rewards! Alchemy is unlocked after you completed the lv25 plot quest. Your character’s specific attributes will be greatly boosted by equipping on particular Crystals! From the lower to higher quality of the Crystals is Green-Blue-Purple-Yellow. Different color of Crystals will generate different attribute bonus!


Blue Crystal:

200 Energy, 100K Gold

Purple Crystal:

500 Energy, 500K Gold

Rare Crystal:

1000 Energy, 1000K Gold


1. The rewards can only be claimed once during the event time.

2. Don't forget to drag the Rare Crystal you gain into your Crystal Bag.

3. The event time is based on Dragon Bane Elite server time!


Event 8: Level-Up Rewards

During the event, players who have reached Level 30-40 can win plenty of rewards! Please check the Event Panel in game for the details!

Rewards: Minor Stamina Potion and Group Exp Potion


-Players who had reached the required Level before can also claim the rewards!

-The event time is based on Dragon Bane Elite server time.

-Please ensure enough package space before you claim the rewards.



Event 9: Forge Equipment

During the event, forge any one of your equipment to the required level for a lot of rewards. Forge is one of the important methods to increase the Combat Power. Forged weapons will grant you higher Atk, forged necklaces higher HP, forged Gloves higher Skl Atk and etc!


Equipment Forged to Lv 25: 200K Gold

Equipment Forged to Lv 35: 500K Gold


1. The reward can only be claimed once.

2. Please make sure you have enough space in your backpack before claiming the rewards.

3. The event time is based on Dragon Bane Elite server time.



Event 10: You Got Talent

During the event, upgrade your Phy Atk talent to Lv20 or Lv30 for a lot of rewards. The higher talent you upgrade, the more extra attributes all your party members will be added. Honor, one of the game currencies, is used to upgrade talent and formation. Players can get Honor through completing Daily Quest, Multiplayer event, Common Instances and Elite instances.


Phy Atk lv20:

2000 Honor

Life lv20:

2000 Honor

Phy Atk lv30:

5000 Honor

Life lv30:

5000 Honor


1. The reward can only be claimed once.

2. The event time is based on Dragon Bane Elite server time.


Event 11: Rush in Arena

Face challenges in Arena! During the event, players can win the rewards below by challenging in Arena for 10 or 20 times within one day. Compete with and learn from the others to improve you!


Challenge 10 times in Arena: 50K Gold, 100Reputation

Challenge 20 times in Arena: 100K Gold, 200Reputation


1.       Each reward can be claimed once for a day.

2.       20 Challenges are available each day in the Arena for Vip 3 players.

3.       The event time is based on Dragon Bane Elite server time and will be reset at 4:00AM.


Event 12: Challenge in Dungeon

During the event players can get rewards after passed the required Level of Dungeon! Shinny Gold and Gems are waiting for you, warrior!


Dungeon Lv5 passed: 50K Gold, Emerald*3

Dungeon Lv10 passed: 100K Gold, Sapphire*1

Dungeon Lv20 passed: 300K Gold, Sapphire*2


1. The reward can only be claimed once during the event.

2. The event time is based on Dragon Bane Elite server time.



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