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[S1-3] Rumor for free! New Gold Companion at your service!

2014-01-10 16:27:47



Free Topaz!

During the event, you can get a Minor Mystic Token after login every day! With14 tokens you can exchange them into a topaz in Tokens to Topaz Event!

Duration: January 10-23

Server: S1-5

Note: Token can be claimed once a day!



Tokens to Topaz!

During the event, with 14 tokens you got from login reward, you can exchange them into a Topaz!

Duration: January 10-24

Server: S1-5


Topaz can only be claimed once for a day!

If you still have some Minor Mystic Tokens you got from earlier events left, you can use them this time!




Purchase Bonus

During the 3-day event, players can enjoy some purchase bonus as below for your first purchase on diamonds within a day:

First Purchase













Duration: Jan 10-12

Server: S1-5


-Only your first purchase in a day will win you bonus.



Priest Luna

A healer is always vital and irreplaceable in a team, let alone the best one out there. Go visit Luna, and seek for her help. Trust me, she changes everything. Recruit 3-Gold Priest Luna through Exploration during the event, you will be gifted 1*Ruby, 99*Evo Stones Lv1, 100000 Honor, 1000K Gold and 1*Major Exp Potion Pack!

Duration: Jan 10-16

Server: S1-3


-Recruit and then invite Luna into your team to claim the rewards!

-Lv 70+ Players can meet Luna through Rumor.



Consuming Bonus

During the event, with required amount of diamonds consumed within a day you can get the rewards as below:

Diamonds Consumed within a day



20000 Honor +100K Gold


30000 Honor +100K Gold


50000 Honor +6000 Energy


Ruby Shard*1

Duration: January 10-13

Server: S1-4

Note: Each reward can only be claimed once for a day!




 Training Rank Bonus

If you have trained your main hero or any companion to Rank A, A+, or S you can get some bonus as below!

Rank A = 50000 Honor, 500 Reputation, 2000 Energy

Rank A+ = 100000 Honor, 10000 Energy, 5000K Gold

Rank S = 200000 Honor, 20000 Energy, 10000K Gold

Duration: Jan 10-16

Server: S1-5


Each bonus can only be claimed once!

If you have trained your character to the required Rank before the event, you can also claim the rewards!




Evo stones exchange

During the event, you can exchange your Evolution Stones into better Evolution Stones!

5*Evolution Stone Lv2 = 1*Evolution Stone Lv2

6*Evolution Stone Lv2 = 1*Evolution Stone Lv3

Duration: Jan 10-16

Server: S1-5




You can’t touch my son!

Maurin the Minotaur, who used to be the best Guardian in Miracle City, has recently been beaten up by a little girl passed by. He is now deeply frustrated and wasting his life at home. However, his family will take good care of him. “My son will recover very soon! None of you bastards can get him sneak attacked!”

Challenge special instance and get Soul of Minotaur to exchange for worthy rewards!

Duration: Jan 10-16

Server: S1-5

Note: Each challenge will cost you 5 stamina!




Soul to rewards

During the event, challenge special instance to get Soul of Minotaur and exchange them into rewards as below!

2000 Soul of Minotaur = 1*Ruby

600 Soul of Minotaur = 10*Set Fragment Pack lv80

500 Soul of Minotaur = Ruby Shard*2

400 Soul of Minotaur = 1*Topaz

300 Soul of Minotaur = 5*Set Fragment Pack lv60

1 Soul of Minotaur = 10K Gold

Duration: Jan 10-16

Server: S1-3


-Ruby can only be clamed once during the event!

-Topaz, Set Fragment Packs or Ruby Shards can be claimed once for a day!




R-pt to rewards

During the event, with 25, 50 or 75 Routine Points gained you can get rewards as below:

25 R-Pts= 40 Stamina

50 R-Pts= 1000 Energy

75 R-Pts= 100 Diamonds

Duration: Jan 10-16

Server: S1-3

Note: Each reward can only be claimed once for a day!



Buy 2 Ruby get 3!

During the event, Ruby Pack which contains a Ruby and a Ruby Scroll can be purchased in Shopping Mall on Jan 13 and 15! With 2 Ruby Scrolls, you can get another Ruby on event panel! Seize the chance and don’t let it go!

Duration: Specific hours on Jan 13 and 15 (accurate time will be announced through in-game mail)

Server: S1-4


One can only purchase 1 Ruby Pack for a day. That is to say one needs to purchase one pack for each day on 13th and 15th.




Vip Honor Bonus

Dear players, come and take your VIP Honor Pack home!

Duration: Jan 10-16

Server: S1-3

Note: This pack can only be claimed once during the event!



Rumor for Free!

Since Cross-realm Cup is coming, you might be willing to get stronger companions! Why not seize this chance during this Rumor for Free event? During this 7-day event, rumor will not cost you any diamonds! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

Duration: Jan 10-16

Server: S1-4


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