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[S5] Spin for Frelia!

2014-01-03 16:31:16

Spin for Frelia

Come and spin to get rewards including Dryad Soul and Contract: Frelia!! With Dryad Souls you can exchange them into worthy goods including Contract: Frelia in “Dryad Soul Exchange” event!

Duration: January 3-9

Server: S5

Note: Every player can spin 3 times a day with 50k gold each time and then 50 diamonds are required for each additional Spin!



Dryad Soul Exchange

Come and exchange your Dryad Souls into worthy rewards such as Evolution Stone, Protection Stone, Greater Luck Charm, Topaz, Torn Page of Contract: Frelia and Contract: Frelia!

Duration: January 3-10

Server: S5

-Topaz, Protection Stone, Greater Lucky Charm can only be claimed once  within a day.

- Frelia Contract  can only be claimed once.

- Dryad Souls are collected through “Spin for Frelia” Event.



Happy Snowman

Let’s make a lovely snowman for the event! Find materials such as Hat, Carrot, Scarf and Trowel through normal Instances, Elite Instances, Dungeon and Multiplayer Event. You can donate them to Snowman to get rewards and help him “grow up” at the same time!

You can get rewards as below each time you donate a material:

1 Trowel= 500 Honor

1 Carrot= 100K Gold

1 Hat= 1 Brimstone

1 Scarf= 100 Energy

Snowman will be made step by step. Every one on the server can touch snowman to get worthy rewards when it grows to 10%, 40%, 70% and 100%!

10% Snowman= 2000K Gold

40% Snowman=250000 Honor

70% Snowman=40000 Energy+ 7 Topaz Shards

100% Happy Snowman= 500 Diamonds+ 14 Topaz Shards

Duration: January 3-9


-Your donate will be counted and ranked for “Snowman Ranking” event!

-You can still donate materials to get rewards from Snowman after it grew to 100%.




Snowman Ranking

Thank you for your donate to help make the Happy Snowman! After event, top 10 players on Donate Ranking will be given rewards as below:

Rank 1: 1*Topaz, 100000 Honor Pts, 5000K Gold

Rank 2: 1*Protection Stone, 80000 Honor Pts, 2000K Gold

Rank 3: 5*Evolution Stone Lv2, 50000 Honor Pts, 1000K Gold

Rank 4-5: 5*Evolution Stone Lv1, 20000 Honor Pts, 500K Gold

Rank 6-10: 5*Greater Stamina Potion, 10000 Honor Pts, 100K Gold

Duration: January 3-9


-The rewards will be sent through in-game mail a day after the event!

-The final solution of ranking depends on the ranking at 23:59 on January 9!



Event: Though the Fire and Flame

Longing for splendid weapons and armors? Complete the daily quest and gain your stars! With 10, 20 or 25 stars gained within a day you can get Heroism Weapon/Armor Packs and Flame Weapon/Armor Packs bonus! After enough fragment collected you can exchange them for the powerful weapons or armors at Crest Shop!

Duration: January 3-9

Server: 1-5


10 Stars collected=2*Heroism Armor Piece Pack + 2*Flame Armor Piece Pack

20 Stars collected=3*Heroism Armor Piece Pack + 3*Flame Armor Piece Pack

25 Stars collected=5*Heroism Weapon Piece Pack + 5*Flame Weapon Piece Pack


-Each reward can only be claimed once for a day.

-Please note the event time! The event time is based on Dragon Bane Elite server time and will be reset at 04:00 AM every day.



Discount for training

For this event you can enjoy 20% discount on 10-200 diamonds-training!

Duration: January 3-4

Note: Only training by 10+ diamonds can enjoy this discount!



Discount for alchemy

For this event you can enjoy 20% discount on alchemy!

Duration: January 5-6

Note: Summoning Lv4 Alchemist with diamonds doesn’t enjoy this discount.




Evo stones exchange

During the event, you can exchange your Evolution Stones into better Evolution Stones!


6*Evolution Stone Lv2 = 1*Evolution Stone Lv3


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