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[S1-5] Realm of 7-stars!

2013-12-20 18:15:15

Special instances: Realm of 7-stars

Follow the stars and find the treasures! Let’s go adventure in the Realm of 7-Stars, defeat the star beasts and find out the treasures on Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Mars!

Duration: Dec 20 - Dec 26

Servers: S1-5


-30 stamina will be cost each time you enter the realm. While you are in the realm, 20 diamonds will be cost each time you randomly teleport to another instance.

-After defeat the beast, you can get a Treasure Map of this instance. When 7 different kinds of Maps: Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Mars are collected, you can exchange them into an Astral-spirit Orb which can be exchanged into different worthy items including Diamonds and Contracts of Gold Star Companions!

-You will also get different kinds of Astral Shards in the realm of 7-stars. You can exchange them into variety kinds of items such as Minor Luck Charm, Honor, Evolution Stones, Exp and so on from each guardian of a certain star:


Astral Shard Needed:

Exchangeable Items:


Astral Shard I

5000 Honor or 2*Evolution Stone Lv1


Astral Shard II

Major Exp Potion or Evolution Stone Lv2


Astral Shard III

1000K Gold or 1000 Energy


Astral Shard IV

Minor Luck Charm or 50000 Honor


Astral Shard V

Topaz Shard or Evolution Stone Lv3


Astral Shard VI

Greater Luck Charm or 2*Evolution Stone Lv3


Astral Shard VII

Ruby Shard or Evolution Stone Lv4

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