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[S4] Discount for training!

2013-12-13 17:16:23


Purchase Bonus:

During the event, players can enjoy the purchase bonus as below:

Diamonds Purchased

Purchase Bonus











Duration: Dec 13- Dec 17


Only your first purchase each day can win you reward!



Event: Shiny Gem Chest

An old dwarf was badly hurt and can’t go adventure any more so he carried all his gems, crystals and other shiny stones here to sell them for his family. 30 diamonds for a Shiny Gem Chest! Open and check what you get from it!

Duration: Dec 13- Dec 16

A Shiny Gem Chest randomly contains: Topaz, Topaz Shard, Amethyst, Rare Crystal Pack, Evolution Stone Lv1 or Lv2, Energy, Honor or Gold!

Note: Shiny Gem Chest can be purchased as many as you need!




 Lore Pts Benefit

During the event, with 500 diamonds consumed you can get 1000 Lore Pts as extra benefit!

Duration: Dec 13- Dec 19

Note: The benefit can only be claimed once for a day!



 R-Pts to Honor!

During the event, with 25, 50 or 75 Routine Points gained you can get 5K, 10K or 30K Honor Pts as gift!

Duration: Dec 17-19


-Event time is based on server time and will reset at 04:00 AM!



Discount for Training!

During the event, you can enjoy 20% discount on 10-200 diamonds-training.

Duration: Dec 17-19

Server: S1-4

-The event will be reset at 04:00 server time.

-Only training by 10+ diamonds can enjoy this discount!



Event: Shiny Topaz

Within the event, after certain diamonds consumed you can get the bonus below!

Duration: Dec 13 – Dec 16







Each 10000 diamonds consumed




-You can claim the reward after 10000 diamonds consumed during the event. After that if you consumed another 10000 diamonds, you can claim the reward once again!!

-Please claim the reward in time, cuz the following consumed diamonds will be counted only after you claimed the earlier reward! Once you consumed 10000 diamonds, please claim the reward first then start consuming other diamonds!



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