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Have a preview of the 10 classes in Dragon Bane! Which one is your favorite? 



Swordsmen are well balanced in both attack and defense. They are masters of swordsmanship and slash enemies with their blades from melee range.

Key words: balanced, survivability


Berserkers are natural warmongers in the battlefield, where only the strongest and hardiest survive. Feeling no fear or pain, they attack enemies with destructive power.

Key words: damage dealer, high physical attack


Hunters are masters of bows and crossbows. They tear their enemies apart at a distance. Their deadly skill attacks make them the sharpest marksmen in battles. Their natural evasion is also reliable and enhances their survivability.

 Key words: high skill attack and dodge



Druids share the great magic power of nature and can both deal magic damage to enemy and heal them selves. Druids are great skill attacker who can add different kinds of buffs and debuffs with different skills learned from spell books.

 Key words: Magic Attack. Buff n Debuff.



Guardians are the tanks and protectors of a team. They use heavy weapons and armor, always stand on the front line and provide protection to their teammates.

Key words: high physical defense, tank 


Only those gifted with both intellect and discipline may walk the path of the mage. Although mages are fragile in body strength, they can demolish multiple foes with their destructive spells, making them irreplaceable in the team.

 Key words: magic attack, multi-target spells


Monks rely mainly on their spiritual power and bare-handed combat skills to do the talking.  Their strong connection with their inner strength allows them to enhance themselves.

Key words: decent damage dealer, multi-target skills


Assassins are masters of stealth. They will approach their targets from behind, pierce a vital strike and vanish into the shadows before the victim falls to the ground. They are born with higher critical and lethal stats.

 Key words: high critical and lethal


Priests use powerful supporting spells to fortify themselves and their allies. Their holy magic makes them the most reliable force in battles. In the darkest age, no one has ever questioned the value of mighty priests.、

 Key words: supporting buffs


Farseers are spiritual guides and practitioners of the divine. Wise farseers choose their avenue of attack based on their enemies’ strengths and weaknesses, and then weakens them with harmful effects and crowd control abilities.

Key words: Crowd control and debuffs

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