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How to bind your account to your device? 

Players can tap “Login” on a device with no account bound to it to bind an account to it, or to login to another account directly.

Tap “Other Accounts” to login to another account

Click “Other Accounts” to login another account


How to Unbind an account on your device?

Step 1 Login to Dragon Bane on your device then select Switch Account


Step 2 Tap “Device Unbind” at the bottom of the [Other Account] interface


Step 3 Tap the “Apply” button and enter the password of the bound account.

Step 4 After entering the correct password, tap “Confirm” to unbind the account and device.


1. Only a bound account can use Device Unbind.
2. Unbind Application is valid for 7 days. If you do not complete the application of unbind in 7 days, the application will become invalid automatically.
3.Please be aware that Device Unbind can only be applied once in 30 days per device.


Step 5: Now on your B device, choose “Accept”, and input the account and password which you applied on device A


Step 6: After entering the correct password, click “Confirm” to accept the device unbound. 


1. Please re-login the game after rebinding.

2. If rebinding successful, the accounts on device A and B will interchange.

3. If rebinding successful, both devices A and B will have a cooldown time lasting for 30 days.

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