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Cevanton is reviving, his evil servants are almost located in every corner of the world! What's more, Dark Lord promises to endow his followers with ultimate powers, therefore a lot of people just betray their faith then bend their knees to the dark side! On the other hand, the "Chooser of Slain" Valkyrie is recruiting warriors from the entire Holylight land, the war between Dark and Light is going to begin!

The War of Immortals (Server VS Server) Guides:


1. Choose Your Side!

Only Lv. 60 (or above) players can join the War of Immortals. Servers will be divided into several war zones, just like CRC&CRBG. Between Light side and Dark side, players can only choose one side to fight for. Servers in each war zone will be divided into 2 sides then fight against each other. 

For example:

Zone I:

Dark Side: S1+S4

Light Side: S6+S8

Zone 2

Dark Side: S9+S10+S11

Light Side: S12+S13+S14

2. How to fight in WoI?

There are two kinds of scores in WoI. First is the Honor Score, which is also the key to the war. Each side will get same HS (Honor Scores) at the beginning of the war, and it will decrease with time floating. By defeating enemies, each side will gain certain HS. Defending a spot successfully (which means no enemy players on the spot) will also earn you extra HS. When one side's HS is decreasing to 0 the side will lose, and the other side which gets the most HS within 1 hour will win the battle!

The other points is Courage, all players in the side share Courage together. When the Courage gauge is full, players can use Diamonds to cast special skills, which will strengthen your power. Getting killed by enemies or attacking the two bosses will gain extra Courage for your side.

3. Overview of WoI

Players from different sides will be located at different corners of the map. There are 3 spots for you to take (kinda like CRBG), by defeating enemies on the spot, your side will gain Honor Scores.

There are two Bosses for you to challenge, challenging the Boss will grant you Courage.


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