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Valhalla is a mysterious sky castle, rumor says once a great hero is dead, his brave soul will be sent to Valhalla and recruited by the "Chooser of Slain" Valkyrie, therefore he could fight again. 

When the Dark Lord Cevanton's seals were broke (blame the dwarfs), people in Holylight land witnessed numerous disasters and tragedies, some of them decided to seek hopes from the desperation, in that case, the word "Valhalla" just returned. 


The Sky Castle-Valhalla Guides:

1. Entrance Requirement

Only those players who have accomplished Lv.100 Dungeon can enter the Sky Castle Valhalla.

2. Challenge Rules

-Players can only adjust their formations, titles, crystals etc. before the first battle of each Floor. Therefore please get ready before challenge each Floor! There are 100 Floors in Valhalla!

-Valhalla is a peaceful place where numerous brave souls are resting, they don't want to be disturbed of course. They will give those "Unexpected Guests" a Debuff which will decrease their Max Stats (STR, TEC, INT, Phy Atk etc.) to HALF. It's time to fully discover your potential!

-Players need to slay all the enemies in current floor to get the rewards. Half way challengers are not welcomed here!

-Each Floor involves several battles and enemies, if you failed in any battle in current Floor, you need to restart the challenge for current Floor and you won't get any rewards.

-All of the battle scenarios can be skipped; all of the farmed floors can be auto-farmed. Reset chances are limited, just like Dungeon.

-You Health Point and Rage Point will only be restored once you've past a full Floor completely, which means in one Floor, after each battle your HP and Rage will not be restored.

-Every time once you have farmed every 10 Floors, you could claim One Treasure Chest at the entrance of Valhalla.

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