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Generally Research Lab is a place where all guild members can work together and collect certain items to exchange worthy rewards in the Guild Lab. What makes G. Instances different from other instances is that you need to cooperate with your guildmates to defeat bosses together and get rewards!
You will find 4 main buttons while opening Reseach Lab. I would like to introduce all of them in oders.

In Mercenary, you can set Two (Currently 2, maybe 4 in the future) of your comps as mercenaries so that other guildmates can hire them to backup their own comps while fight with G.Instances Bosses. Mercenaries won't come back unless their master Recall them (which needs Individual Points) or the Server Time past 4 A.M. (Server reset time).  Your Mercenaries will earn you nice rewards too, such Gold and Individual Points. You can also hire other guildmates' comps as mercenaries by viewing "All Mercs" and choose them in the Mercs List.
1. You can set two of your comp as “Mercenaries” at most, and these two Mercenary can be hired by other Guild members, then help them to challenge the Guild Instance. You can get some of the rewards as your Mercenary’s commission.
2. You can also hire guild member’s mercenary to help you challenge through the instances.
3. A mercenary can be hired by 3 different members, and a member can only hire one comp at a time.
4. The mercenary will earn you Individual Points after joining the combat.
G. Instance
Guild Instance is the place where you could challenge the Bosses with/without hiring Mercenaries, along with other guildmates. Only Guild Leader or Adjutant can Activate or Reset Chapters. All guild members can challenge the Bosses in G.Instance, player who ranks on the Damage Ranking or kills Bosses will get rewards via in-game emails. 

1. Generally one player only has 3 chances to challenge the Instances within a day, higher VIP level will give you extra chances. Double click the map to enter a combat.
2. Before entering the instance, player can choose a comp to set a mercenary as backup. In the combat, of the picked comp was dead, the mercenary will take the place and continue to fight. The backup mercenary can only fight once.
3. After the Boss was killed, your Guild will gain some Guild Points, and some random loots will be sent to your Guild Bank. The Boss killing reward and Damage Ranking Rewards will also be sent.

4. Guild Leader and Adjutant can reset the instances up to 3 times a day, by using Guild Points.

5. Instance loots will be listed on the Instance interface, hold your finger on one item to check its name.

Guild Bank
Guild Bank is the place to store the loots from G.Instances, guild members can wait in queue and claim those loots by oders.
1. The loots will only be restored in Guild Bank after one instance is farmed. (If Bosses did drop those loots).
2. Guild Members can wait in queue to apply the loot they want. (Be aware of the amount, loots drop amount is random). Please wait in queue before farm an instance.
3. Guild members can also use Individual points to jump the queue so that they might obtain the loots earlier than others.
Guild Lab
Guild Lab is where you can research worthy rewards with certain items (loots collected from G.Instances). 
1. Guild Lab is the place to combine worthy rewards. Each member have one Free of Chance to “Reseach” for the rewards, extra chances will require Individual Points.
2. Once you have researched for a goal reward, players need to collect certain items to combine for it.
3. Double click the reward to obtain it. (If you have got enough items).

Above all are the guides for "Research Lab", hope it helps and please leave your suggestions under this topic. Thanks for your reading.

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