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Dear all, I'm very happy to introduce the following two features for you, which are Trials of Eternity (ToE) and Hexagram. Both of the two features are available at high levels, you can activate these two features once your main hit Lv.80.


Generally it's a new feature which can bring your old comps back to war fields! As we all know, only 5 characters can be picked (including your Main) in one formation in DBE, then what about the others? Shall we just leave them alone in Tavern? Nope, that is why we bring out Hexagram & ToE for you!

As for Hexagram, players can find the button once you have finished Lv.80 plot quest, the button is on Character Panel.

The rules will be displayed on the left of the Hexagram Panel. All of your comps(comps in activated formation currently)' Stats will be promoted by dragging the comps into the vacant Hexagram spots. Higher quality comps will give you more additional stats!

* Comps who have already been picked in current Formation cannot be picked in Hexagram.

The two triangles are the key frame, each of the three spots filled will grant your team with extra stats.

* If the additional stat number is less than 1, then it won’t be displayed on the panel.

* Spec, Crystal, Gem or Title‘s stats will not be calculated in Hexagram.

* Single spot’s level cannot be higher than other 2 spots combined.

You can use Magic Dust to upgrade each spot’s level on Upgrade Panel. Magic Dust can be collected through challenging Trials of Eternity.

Trials of Eternity

Click ToE button to enter Trials of Eternity. (ToE Button is beside the Wheel of Fate)

ToE is kinda like normal Dungeon, players can challenge mobs step by step and explore further and further. However your HP and Rage won’t be recovered after each battle, which means you need to be more cautious while making every single choice.

In each stage, different enemies will have different features, some might be Skl Atk Immune, or Mag Atk Immune, click and hold the enemy to check, some enemies will even expose their weakness even before the battles. LOL.

If any of your character was unfortunately died, you can either replace him/her with new comps or use Diamonds/Revive Potion to revive them. The potion will be randomly dropped in those stages.

* Further stage you achieve, more Magic Dust you’ll get!

Above all are the introductions of ToE and Haxagram, hope you like it and of course, all of your opnions/suggestions are welcomed.

Note: DBE Devs Teams have all rights reserved.

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