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An epic adventure is about to start in Dragon Bane! Want to learn more about the chaotic world first?

It all began 10,000 years ago…


 The Holylight Land was once occupied by the Dragons. There were five other races in the world: the influential humans, elves, mighty dwarves, brave orcs and wise goblins.

10,000 years ago, the five races waged a legendary war against the dragons, removing the dragons from the throne of the world. The survivors of the war witnessed a new era called the Dawn Age. 


Another story became the talk of the town after the war: the orc army which was supposed to back up the dwarves in a decisive battle never showed up. Their mysterious disappearance led to the death of the dwarven hero, Valencia the Faith Shield. Cowards, that’s what people call the orc warriors nowadays.


The elf arch mage seemed to know the truth behind all this, but she didn’t want to take the peaceful age, even a temporary one, away from the land. She chose to turn a blind eye and suddenly disappeared one day. Nobody knew her whereabouts, not even her own people.


Today, an evil dragon has been revived and is leading an undead legion to invade the Holylight Land. No one knows where they are from, but the name of the legion has spread all over the world – the Unholy Immortal. They are unstoppable and the entire land is at stake!


Will the five races unite with each other again, just as they did 10,000 years ago, to fight against evil? What exactly happened during the legendary war? Who has been behind the conspiracy all this time? Where is the missing orc army and the elf arch mage?Where are the missing orc army and the elf arch mage? Heroes emerge in troubled times! Are you ready to experience the epic story in Dragon Bane?



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