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Comps are absolutely playing a very important role in the world of Dragon Bane Elite. However, are you tired of being defeated once and once again by some “overpowered” skills? Are your comps’ stats reached the cap because their potential has already been exhausted? In order to make our game more strategic and make the combat more intense, we are so proud to represent this new feature for you, which is Hero Enlightenment!


Overview of Enlightenment:<?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Generally enlightenment is a brand-new method for players to promote their comps. Comps can be enlightened through different phases of meditation.

Players need to finish the Lv60 plot Quest to activate Hero Enlightenment; you can find the panel through interacting with NPC Lahm in Miracle City. Only Gold Comps can be enlightened.



Meditation is the key process to Enlightenment. There are 10 phases of meditation in each enlightenment stage, once you have lifted to a higher meditation phase it will give you extra stats. Meditate Degree shows the progress of each phase and it’s different in each phase.

In order to accelerate your meditations progress, you’ll need inspiration (Item for meditation) which can be obtained through Ruins of Twilight, in-game mall or other game events, besides gold are essential too.

If the meditation phase of one comp has reached to 10, you can start to enlighten this comp. Different quality of Comps1-GS to 4-GScan be enlightened for different times.


Hero Enlightenment:

Different stages of Enlightenment require different Evolution Tires. Heroic Phantom and Zen are crucial items for enlightenment. Heroic Phantoms can be collected through finishing Daily Quest, Zen will be for sale on shelf in the mall or can be obtained through other game events in the future. Gold are necessary too.

Comps will gain DRS (Damage Resistance Stats) and EDR (Elemental Damage Reduction) stat after the enlightenment, which means all kinds of damages from enemies towards these comps will be reduced by percentage! The higher stage of Enlightenment the comp is, the higher DRS & EDR stats he/she will gain! The details of DRS & EDR stats can be checked in the Enlightenment panel. 4-Gold comps will have higher DRS & EDR stats because of their uniqueness. Specialization stats will not affect Enlightenment stats; Enlightenment stats will only be effective in PVP combat.

For some special comps, for example: Dante etc, their visual images will be changed if they reach to certain Enlightenment stages! That is so cool, isn’t it?




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