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Meta Gems Introduction

Meta Gem is an expanded feature of Socket. They can be slotted on your gears and give you extra attribute points, just like basic Gems. However what makes Meta Gems so different is that Meta Gems are much powerful than basic gems, despite the dual attribution enhancement, Meta Gems have more potential and larger attribute numbers.


Alright, let’s get back to our topic. You might have following questions like:

Q1. How can I get Meta Gems after all?

Firstly, please tap “Socket” button on the bottom right, then you can find “Fusion” button under the socket panel. Tap button “Fusion” and you will see three voids on the left.

Open your bags and drag two basic gems of same quality (For Example: 2 Emeralds) into two voids of both sides, press “Fuse” button then you will obtain a Meta Emerald Lv.1!

Sure you have already known how to get Meta Gems, you might still ask:

Q2. How am I supposed to socket Meta Gems in my gears?


Before you do socket, you need to choose a gear and make a Meta Slot on it first. Therefore please tap “Socket” button on the bottom right; then choose one gear and tap the “Right Arrow” on Socket Panel of each gear (Note: Only purple quality gears or above are available for Meta Slot).

Next you will see a “Meta Slot” button. Each gear can only activate one Meta Slot. Rings are free of charge for the activation however other parts still need relevant amount of diamonds to activate their Meta Slots.

Once you’ve activated a Meta Slot, you can slot a Meta Gem at any time you want. Tap one slot then choose a Meta Gem and press “Socket”.

Here is the Activation cost of Meta Slot for each gear:


Diamonds for activating a Meta Slot


298 Diamonds


3209 Diamonds


1542 Diamonds


879 Diamonds


71 Diamonds


0 Diamonds


Q3. How to upgrade a Meta Gem?


Meta Gems can be upgraded step by step. In order to upgrade one Meta Gem, you need to tap “Socket” button, then choose a Meta Gem which has been slotted with gears, then tap button “Upgrade”.


You will see the Upgrade panel afterwards. On this panel, your Meta Gem will be on the top and voids on both sides will be filled up automatically with Upgrade materials ( Brimbead and Flamebead). If you have enough materials, just then tap “Upgrade”!

See? Meta Emerald Lv.2 is way much powerful than Emerald!

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