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Abyssal Dungeon Rules:

To unlock Abyssal Dungeon, you need to farm Dungeon Lv.80 and complete relevant quests!
Enter Abyssal Dungeon through Abyssal Entrance.

In Abyssal Dungeon, you can find many chapters on the top of the screen. To unlock the next chapter, you need to clear all of the challenges of current chapter.
Each chapter involves 5 challenges. You can tap Refresh to reset a challenge according to your needs. It depends on either you want easy battles or more scores. The higher the VIP level,the more the FOC refresh chances. Sometimes you may meet a challenge which could give you double scores.

All of the challenges would be reset on 04:00 server time. Also, The daily score would be reset on 04:00 server time. Try to earn certain scores to get your rewards!( Reset on 04:00, don’t forget to obtain your reward everyday!

If you use refresh button and find the Terminator of Vampire Kingdom, try your best to complete it! With certain reputation, you would be able to activate the Mythology Title: Hector! ( Refresh the last card of each chapter to find Terminator, seek more information from Mythology Title Rules)

Mythology Titles:

-Mythology Titles include Hector, Odysseus, Perseus, Achilles and Heracles. The next title won’t be activated unless each stat of the title has been promoted to the max.
-Tap and hold the title to check the reputation requirements.
-Despite reputation, you also need to achieve relevant Terminator of each chapter in Abyssal Dungeon. If you failed, the title still cannot be activated. ( Refresh the last card in each chapter to find Terminator)
-Achieve Terminator: Vampire Kingdom, Mythology Title: Hector could be activated.
-Achieve Terminator: Imhotep Place, Mythology Title: Odysseus could be activated.
-Achieve Terminator: Babylon, Mythology Title: Perseus could be activated.
-Achieve Terminator: Notorn Lair, Mythology Title: Achilles could be activated.
-Achieve Terminator: Rusty Woods, Mythology Title: Heracles could be activated.
-You can equip or remove your Mythology Titles in title system. Each character could only equip with one Mythology Title, same titles can only be used once.

-Tap upgrade button to enhance your titles. The stat of each Mythology title could be enhanced randomly by using materials or diamonds. Higher stat requires more materials or diamonds.  

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