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Ruins of Twilight


Ruins of Twilight is where you can get different resource on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Go to King Vito or Benefit Panel to enter the Ruins of Twilight.


Here you can see 5 maps on the screen. Different map will be unlocked each day during workng days.

Let's tap on the Activated map!

* Event map is unlocked when there's special event.


At first there's no reward you can get. You have to beat the first level, then the second and the following levels to add more reward to your treasure chest. Just like in Dungeon, you have the beat them one by one.



Tap on the treasure chest icon on the right to see what kind of resource you can get for today.

Tap on the treasur chest under each level's icon to see what you get if you pass this level.


The basic rule of ROT is simple: Beat the levels to add more reward to your treasure chest then get them when you finish the map

- Once you claim the treasure chest on the right,  you can't go on challenging the following levels.

- Once you lose a level, you can only get 80% of the treasure you gained and stop challenging the following levels. (Unless you reset the whole map)

- After you claim the reward, VIP 0-5 have no reset chance, while VIP 6 and upper have 1 reset chance. Reset will cost you 200 diamonds.After reset, you can start the challenge again from the beginning. 




The difficulty of each level is random.  Your next level can be random one of Beginner, Easy, Normal, Hard, Hell, Torture or Ultimate.


Remember, you have only one chance to challenge a level. You win, then go on the next level; you lose, take 80% of total reward home. Or you can choose not to challenge and claim 100% reward you've gained.



Through out the challenges, you may have slight chance to get the rare function cards: Baa-baa Card, Pass Card and Double Card.

Use Baa-baa Card before you challenge the current level, your enemies of this level will turn into sheep team, which is easier to beat.

Use Pass Card before you challenge the current level, you can pass the level directly and add the reward of this level to your treasure chest.

Use Double Card before you challenge the current level, you can get doubled reward of this level after you win the challenge.

Note: You can only use the card before you challenge a level!!


The refresh time of Ruins of Twilight is 00:00 everyday. So please make sure to claim the reward before the refresh time, or they will all be cleared up!!


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