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The basic value of each stat is also the additional value after each upgrade.

That is to say a Level 2 Saint will have stats: Health+6250, Resilience+100;

while level 3 Saint will be: Health+9375, Resilience+150.

 If two Epic Crystals have a same stat, then they can not be equiped on the same comp. But you can equip an Epic and a Rare (or normal Crystal) that has a same stat on the same comp.
For example, You can equip an Endtime (Skl Atk & Skl Def) and a Nightmare (Skl Atk) on your companion, but can't equip an Endtime (Skl Atk & Skl Def) and an Overkill (Skl Atk & Lethal) on him/her.


How to make an Epic Crystal? Well, there are 2 ways to do it.

Different from other crystals, you need Epic Shards and one or two Rare Crystals to make an Epic Crystal. Epic Shards can be collected through Alchemy or Rated PvP battles, as well as special events.



1. Epic Combine


First of all you need a lv8 Rare Crystal that has the stat you need, for example Lionheart for Lethal. Then dragon it to the top right slot, ir will show you how many Epic Shards you need to make an Epic Crystal which contains a Lethal stat and a random stat. Remember, you only need lv8 Rare Crystal and required amount of Epic Shards. A rare crystal of higher level will NOT provide you better Epic Crystal level.



2. Epic Exchange

Tap on Epic Exchange in Alchemy interface to enter Epic Exchange interface. Here you can check all kinds of Epic Crystals and see what level of rare crystals you need. Generally you need a lv8 and a lv9 Rare crystal as well as required amount of Epic Shards to make an Epic Crystal with fixed stats. Rare crystals of higher level will NOT provide you better Epic Crystal level.




Only main hero and Gold Star Companions can equip Epic Crystals!

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