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Farm is where you deal with all things with Aeons. Everyone has his/her own farm, as well as Promise Land, Workshop and       Storage in it. Just like guild buildings, you have to upgrade your  structure to get batter material output as well as Aeons!

P.S.: You can get introductions through "Freatures" icon once you see it on your screen!!!


You can find the entrance of Aeon Farm by talking to King Vito in the middle of Miracle City.


-Aeon Master


There are 2 things you can do here. The first is going to the Promise Land; this is the essential place in Aeon System,where you can create new Aeons in different classes. Also, you can upgrade yourAeon or learn new skills here.


The second thing to do is upgrade your Aeon Master. As plain as it sounds, you can upgrade your Aeon Master with materials. A high-leveled Aeon Master will have a greater chance to create better Aeons. Some rare Aeons such as Firebreath or Sabertooth will be unlocked when your Aeon Master reaches certain level. Check Aeon Show panel for the requirements! For details of Aeon system, please check guide:Aeon System!


-Workshop Manager


The second place we’re visiting is called Workshop, and of course we need a manager to run it. By clicking the Workshop Manger, you’ll see two things here. The first is entrance to the Workshop; it’s a place where all kinds of construction materials are produced. If you think the production rate is too slow, you can press Reset and use Diamonds to reset  the rate! And also don’t forget to bank all the materials produced, for only the materials in bank will help you upgrade your structures!


Another button is Upgrade, by doing so you can increase the output of your whole Workshop!


-Storage Manager


Welcome to the Storage, our Storage Master is right here waiting for you! Storage is a place where you can store the materials produced and protect  them from being plundered, pretty simple, uh? The number on the right of slash is the max capacity of the material. And by upgrading your Storage to created more capacity!  Don’t forget to bank all the materials produced, for only the materials in bank will help you upgrade your structures!




It sounds a little evil, but you have to do it sometimes! You can enter other player’s Aeon Farm to plunder his/her materials. However, you have chance to get nothing but beaten up by a strong and angry host. Resource Rate stands for the part of material you can get from the bank of the player. If your hero level is much higher than the one you are plundering, you may get less material (similar to Goldmine Plundering).

Once a player got plundered, he/she will be in protection period during which none can plunder him/her again. Plunder takes Vitality. So don’t rush too fast if you are lack of Vitality!

After entered other player’s Farm, go to their Storage Manger and get down to your business! Whoa, make sure you are well-prepared! For you might run into the angry host if he/she find you plundering the farm!




After entered practice panel, you can see a map on top right of which shows a Material Drop icon. Tap on the icon and it will show all the companions and their drops. For example, you need material A and it droppes from Kelvin. Once you meet a player that has Kelvin in team, you can get material A after defeat this player! (You can also check the material you need and their droppers in Aeon Skillbook panel. )


Good, now you know what you are looking for, and then just act! By clicking any of the spots on the map, you’ll find your self in an instance. Here you’ll meet other players and start your practice. Tap on any of player icons on the right to check what companion he/sheis bringing and what you can get from them. Challenge players require Vitality, too. If you won, you will get your materials! But if you lost……Oops, try hardernext time!


Tip: You can get Vitality Potion somewhere else! Try find them in your daily events or dungeon!

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