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-Go to King Vito to enter your Aeon Farm.Talk to Aeon Master to enter Promise Land where you can summon the Aeons.




As you can see, you have 3 choices at the bottom of the panel: Primary Summon, Advanced Summon and Master Sammon. Each kind of summoning provides you different quality of Aeons. In general, Aeons have 6 levels of quality:

White- Green- Blue- Purple- Yellow- Orange-Red. Just like Crystals, Gems or Equipments, Red, Orange and Yellow stand forthe best quality. An Aeon of better quality will boost you more in battles, and will get you better initial stat.

Take this Screenshot as an example. When summoning this Felhunter, it's of Purple quality and privides you Phy Atk: 184 (315). "184" is its initial stat, you can upgrade this aeon to increase this stat, so that this Felhunter can boost you more Phy Atk. "(315)" stands for the max munber you can meet when summoning Felhunter of Purple quality, which means you can never find a Purple Felhunter who's Phy Atk stat is higher than 315!

The max initial stat differs according to different kinds of Aeons and the quality! That is to say, a purple Aestus has different max initial stat from a blue Aestus, and also a purple Felhunter!

At first it’s hard to summon Aeons of Yellow quality and it’s not possible to summon Orange or Red ones. But when you upgraded Promise Land level by level, you will get them unlocked! The letters under the 3 summoning icons stand for what quality of Aeons this kind of summoning brings you. For example, in this picture, Master Summon brings you purple and yellow aeons.

You have free chances to use each type of summoning everyday! After used a free chance you will get a Cooldown period.During this period you cant use this type of summoning. However, time is diamonds. You can always use diamonds to summon during Cooldown!


At first you can only summon Felhunter and Demon. Check Aeon Show panel to see the requirement to get chance to summon each kind of Aeon! The unlock time doesn’t stand for the power of Aeons. It’s their stats and skills as well as levels and qualities that contribute to their value.


Once you summoned an Aeon, you can check its original info. Stats and Talent are two things you can’t change in the following days. Some of the Aeons have Stats or Talent but others don’t. So  you’d rather keep the Aeons that has Stats or Talent!


-Aeon Stat: Your Aeon Stat will be added toyour Main Hero if you pick the Aeon in team. The stats will increase after you upgrade your Aeon.


-Aeon Talent: Talent is something you can’t learn from your life. An Aeon with Talent will be more effective in some ways. If your Aeon has Talent, you’d better choose skills that suit it the most!


-Aeon Skill: Your Aeon can equip two different type of skills—Action and Reinforce. If you are lucky enough, your Aeon will birth with an Action Skill, and it saves you a little time at the beginning. Reinforce can only be gained through skillbook.


Tap Aeon icon to access Aeon Panel.



-Tap on Aeon icon in city or Promise Land to access Aeon Panel. Here you can check the Aeons you got, change their skills, learn new skills and pick or release them. When you Release an Aeon, the Aeon will be sent back to its original world and never get back again. You get Nimbus after release Aeons, which can be used to upgrade other Aeons you still keep! Don’t worry about upgrading, cuz Nimbus is just like Energy in Alchemy,will all be back if you release an ungraded Aeon. If you don’t want to release your favorite Aeon by mistake, you can tap the Lock icon on the right of Aeonlist to lock it.


-Rating influences the stat growth of an Aeon. The higher rating an Aeon has, the more stat growth it can get after each upgrading.


If you want an Aeon to fight with you and boost your stats, you have to Pick it up in your team. Aeon is always the one who starts the fight. Currently your Aeon doesn’t take any spot on your Formation and only perform once at the begining. However, this first bite may change the whole battle. So you’d better get some good skills for your Aeons!



-In Learn Skills panel you can learn or replace skillbooks for your Aeons. Please notice that, one skillbook can only be used once. If you want to put a same skillbook on another Aeon, you need more of it! Also, a skillbook will be gone once you replace it with new skillbook.



-To get Skillbooks you need to check Skillbooks panel, on which you can see all types of skillbooks as well as materials you need to make them. Tap on one of the skillbooks to check materials you need. Choose a material to see what Companions it droppes from.To get the materials, you have to do Practice in Aeon Farm to challenge other players and collect from their companions. Once you collected all materials you need, combine them to make a Skillbook!



-You Aeons will not stay the same. If you feed them with Nimbus, they will level up and grow bigger at certain levels. Also, their Stats will increase after upgrading. An Aeon of higher level behaves better on the effect of skills. Due to different quality, Nimbus needed for each level is different. No pay no gain, if you want to keep the best Aeon, you have to put more Nimbus on it! However, don’t forget that all Nimbus will beback if you release a leveled Aeon. Nothing to worry, just plan for their skills!! For you may find out that some skills are related to others, even AeonTalents and Stats!


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