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Cross-realm Battleground is a monthly competition between top guilds among all servers. It calls more for teamwork rather than personal performance. In a word, the strongest players don't always build up the best guild! The participants will enjoy great tension, even greater than Guild War or CRC!!


 Before CRBG starts, there will be Battlefield and Play-off icons on Guild screen.

Statistics Period

-Before Cross-realm Battleground starts, there will be a "Statistics Period" during which the fund growth of each guild will be recorded and calculated. Top guilds in single-realm ranking will be competitors in CRBG!

-At present, the statistics period is a 4-day period.



*Fund that is gained daily after Guild War is not counted to fund growth!

-Feel free to consume guild fund during the statistics period, for fund consumed will not deduct the growth on ranking.



-You can use "Prediction" to predict the champion before the Cross-realm Battleground begins.

Feel free to predict, for it will not cost you any diamonds or gold! Just give a try!

-The guild you predicted to be the champion will be marked with “SUPPORTED” on schedule.

* your own guild will be marked with a star at top right of your guild name

-Once the guild you predict on finally become the Champion or Runner Up, you will get reward for your prediction!

-After Cross-realm Battleground, your reward will be sent through in-game mail for your accurate prediction.


Cross-realm Battleground

-Competitors will be divided into groups (just like Cross-realm Cup). The losing side gets knocked out while the winner advances to the next round.


-Each battle lasts 25 mins, you get only 3-5 mins to prepare for the next battle if you wins!!

-All 5 resource sites start with 50-50. Move to a site to boost your Occupancy Rate. When your occupancy rate grows to 80%, your guild will take this site and gain points from it.

-For example, in this picture your guild's name is "Blur", your color is red. When you have more people on Azure Mine than your enemies, the red part of the bar will grow. When the red part reaches 80%, your guild icon will show up on this site, then you get points continuously from this spot, untill your enemies pull their blue part to 20% to make you lose the spot. Remember,  you will lost your site if occupancy rate drop to less than 80%.

-The more sites you take, the faster you gain points. Similar to the Guild War!

You can only move to a connected site! That is to say, if you are now in blue camp, you can only move to Nolafield, Breeze Town or Whisper Woods in the first step. If you want to reach Heroic Swamp, you have to move to Nolafield or Breeze Town first, then step tp Heroic Swamp after CD.


*The arrow on the right is Guild Channel! Stay tune to this channel, cuz you need to know the plan that made by your guildies!


-When enemies move to a site where your guildies are on, a battle will be triggered automatically. Players who get defeated are sent back to their camp and get a 25 sec revival cooldown. There will be a short period of time between each battle.

-Guild that has more members fighting on a certain site gets greater growth speed on occupancy rate for this site than the opponent.

-Tap on Battle Logs to check battle logs on each site.


-If you attack someone and lose, you still damage the person that you fought, that damage carries over like in guild war

-A guild who reaches 2,000 points first within 20 min wins.

-When none manages to reach 2,000 points within 20 min, the guild who ends with more points wins.

-Not like Cross-realm Cup, there will be only one battle for a round. The losing side gets knocked out while the winner advances to the next round.


We suggest you to call up guildies as many as possible for Cross-realm Battleground (CRBG for short), cuz if you don't have enough people to stay on sites, you will lose even when you are the strongest player among all!! This is a war that requires "quantity" and "teamwork" even more than "quality"!!


*For now, battles can only be watched by the 2 competing guilds.

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