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Hero Promotion is another feature that aimed to strengthen the main heroes in game, so that they can keep up the pace with other companions and have a better performance in combat.


-Players can unlock Hero Promotion in Level 55 by finishing certain Plot Quest in game. When unlocked, you’ll find the “Skill” button in Character Menu replaced by “Promote” button.


Fire Rob and Totem


-After entered the Promote window, you will see a hexagram with 12 Fire Robs on it and six Totems around. Each Totem stands for different stats, including Phy Atk, Phy Def, Skl Atk, Skl Def, Mag Atk and Mag Def. The stats is affected by the level of Fire Robs around the Totem, players can check their relations by tapping and holding on the Totem.


-Inlay the Soul Globes you collected from Hell Instance to activate the Totems, then they will benefit your stats! You can see what benefit (or reduction) will be brought by different quality of Soul Globes.


-Fire Robs around each Totem can be upgraded by using Gold and Soul Coins. The higher level they are, the more powerful the effect is to the related Totems. Tap and hold on a Totem to check which 3 Robs are related to it. Remember, the effect of a Totem is not only influenced by the quality and level of Soul Globes you inlay on it, but also the rob with lowest level. That is to say, how much the fire robs benefit your stat depends on the rob with lowest level! Before you decide to upgrade the robs, just think about the best way!


Soul Coins and Soul Globes


-Both Soul Coins and Soul Globes are materials collected in Hell Instance, the further you go, the better Globes you get. The quality of Soul Globes is (from lowest to highest): Green, Blue, Purple, Gold and Red. Each kind of Globes can be combined to higher level by using “Combine” button; you need four of the same kind to upgrade Globes. There are normal level, S level, SS level and SSS level.


-Soul Globe is used to activate the Totem, the higher level and quality the Globe is, the better stats Totem gets. Click the Totem and press Inlay to inlay the globes for the Totem.




-Clicking button “Combine” to enter the combining panel. Use four of the Globes in the same color to combine for a higher level one. There are 4 levels for the Globes, which are normal level, S level, SS level and SSS level.




-Hero Skill has been moved here, all the functions are same so we’ll just skip this one.


Enable Element (Promotion)


-If all your Fire Robs have reached required levels, you can promote your Main Hero Class into next level. After level up your class, it will bring you more benefit on Health and Max lv of Fire Robs. To promote you need to upgrade your Fire Robs and let them reach a required total level.


-**You can activate the Element damage for the main. Different classes of the mains have different Element stats. Earth for Swordsman, Fire for Berserker and Wind for Hunter. You can upgrade your Element by using Elemental Shards, the Shards can be collected in the Star Chests of Hell Instance.

After gaining enough Elemental Shards by defeating Demonic Punisher, players can combine them and level-up your Element. By leveling up the Element, skill attack of Main will be increased accordingly. For example, if your main hero is Berseker, the Element, Fire, will increase your zerker’s skill attack.


Also, the Elemental Damage is affected by the main’s other stats. Still take Berserker as an example here, the Damage of Fire Element is affected by Strength, Hit, Counter, Skl Def and Phy Def.

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