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Mining is tightly related to how you can support your skill learning in Academy. Through mining you can get Earthern Crest  with which you can purchase Spell Books and needed materials for hero skill learning. Before the launch of Hero Skill, let’s warm up and learn more about mining firstly!


To learn and upgrade Hero Skills, you need lots of Earthern Crests which can be collected through Mining.

To access Mining Area, talk to Irina in Miracle City.

* You need to reach Lv30 to access Mining!


-There are 3 levels of Mines can be mining in: Copper Mine (for all players), Iron Mine (for VIP 1 or higher players) and Gold Mine (for VIP 4 or higher players). They will provide different amount of Earthern Crests. The better a mine is, the more it can provide you. The basic numbers of Crests you can get from each time of mining are displayed under different ore.


-The higher your vip level is, the more extra crests you can get! The final number of crests you get will be different from the basic number due to different vip level, being plundered and inviting bodyguards.


-Although the mines can only be mined by players of certain vip levels, but they all can be checked and plundered by other vip or non-vip players.


-Enter a mine and tap on Start Mining to choose the ore you want. You can randomly change your ore 3 times for free, after that it will cost you 10 diamonds each time. Also, you can use Orange Detector to change your ore to the best type with 200 diamonds.


-During your mining, other players can attack and plunder you. If you lost when being plundered, you will give up part of your loot to him/her. So if you are not confident about wining a battle, you can invite an online player in your friend list to be your bodyguard!


-After the invitation is sent, the first one who accepts it will become your bodyguard during this mining. The name of bodyguard will be displayed with a small shield icon. If another player plunders you when you have a bodyguard, he/she will have battle with the bodyguard instead of you. Remember, once you start mining, you can not invite a bodyguard anymore, nor can your friend accept your invitation and become your guard.


-The bodyguards don’t work for free! You have to pay 20% of your loot to your bodyguard, no matter he win or lose when protecting your mining. You can be both bodyguarding your friend and mining for yourself at the same time, but cannot plunder your “employer”! (But…You can plunder your bodyguard if he/she is mining…)


-When plundering others, if the miner is 0-5 levels lower than you, you can get 20% of his/her loot! If the miner is 6-10 levels lower than you, you can get 10% of the loot or only 5% of the loot if the miner is 11 or more levels lower than you.


-After each plunder you have to cooldown for a while.


-Plunder and being bodyguard will win you reputation.


-A same player can only be plundered and lose 2 times during a mining. After each mining, your final loot will be sent through in-game mail.


-The number of Extra mining chance depends on your VIP level. Non-vip players will have 1 extra chance each day (costs 40 stamina), while VIP1-4 players have 2 (cost 40 and then 60 stamina), VIP5-10 players have 3 (cost 40, 60 and then 100 stamina).


-Vip players have 1 extra plunder chance each day, which will cost 20 stamina.

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