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    Lv30+ players can cooperate with other players and their companions to challenge different enemies in team. Not only for the rewards such as exp and even Evolution Stones, but also for more interaction between players!

    Now let’s have a preview about this new daily event!


-The Raid Battles will be open from 15:00 to 17:00 daily! You can access the Raid Mode by tapping on the new NPC “Raid BattleManster” in Multiplayer scene.

-You'll have 2 chances to join a team and have battles for free. After that it costs you diamonds for each group. You have 5 chances at most for one day!

-You can create a new group or join a group created by other players. Currently, each group can be made up by 2-3 players.


-With more stages passed, the difficulty will be raised. You can see the current stage (difficulty) of a group on Group Info Panel.



-Each player can choose one or none of his/her Companions for a battle. You need to put a companion on your current formation if you want to use him/her in the raid combat

-After joined a group you can change your companion, chat with group members and check the formation of your enemies.


-The raid leader can change formation settings for different encounters, remove member or select another member to be the new leader.

-Only the leader can change formation and start a raid.


-In formation panel, tap on the avatars of other players or companions to check their name, level and overall.


-For each stage there will be 3 group of enemies. Players can communicate to decide on which one to challenge.


-Players can skip or replay the battle. If the leader started a new battle, all members will be sent to the newest battle scene.

-If your group wins a battle, each member will get rewards and be sent to or even jump the next stage. Sometimes you have to stay at the current stage by chance.

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