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In Dragon Bane Elite you can access the Title panel by tap on the Title icon:


Title Unlock

-The Titles are classified into 4 levels: Green, Blue, Purple and Red.



You can unlock the Green Titles if you have reached the required Reputation


-Tap and hold on a locked Title to see the Required Reputation you need to unlock it.



Title Equipping

Tap the Equipping button  to switch to Equipping interface.


-Tap and switch on the character to choose and check your hero or companions. On the right are your unlocked Titles. Tap to equip  a title for your current character. After a Title is equipped you can tap on Equipped  to remove it.

-Tap and hold on a Title to see the current stat.



-Each Title can only be equipped on one character and a character can only be equipped with one Title. If you want to change the Title of current character, tap to equip the new title and the former one will be removed.


Title Upgrade

Tap Upgrade  to boost your Titles.


-To unlock the Blue Titles you should upgrade 1 Green Title to reach the cap. Similarly, the Purple Title can be unlocked after any Blue Title had reached the cap. Finally, the Red Title: Warlord will be unlocked if you maxed one of the Purple Titles.


-As you can see, a title influences 6 of your stats and each title has different stats so you can decide which title should better be used on which character.


-In the Upgrade interface you can randomly increase the stat of Title by Rep Upgrade  or Dia Upgrade  which stand for boosting the Title by consuming Available Rep and Diamonds.



-Available Reputation is shown on the top right of the Title panel  . The Available Rep is your remaining Reputation after consumed on boosting Titles. We call it A-Rep for short. When you gain more Reputation in the game, your A-Rep will be increased too.


-To distinguish A-Rep and Reputation you should know: the A-Rep can either increase or decrease and only works on the Title system in game, while Reputation stands for all Rep you’ve got in game and will not decrease anyway. The Rep number  near your hero’s thumbnail stands for Reputation as always, not A-Rep.


-Players can boost a Title many times for one day within a limit (currently 50 times). Also, you can not boost a title when your remaining diamonds or A-Rep doesn’t reach the requirement.



-The requirement of A-Rep and Diamonds will reset every day.


-3 of the stat will be boosted randomly each time you upgrade a title. Sometimes you can hit the Double Match or even Trible Match from which the stat increases more.



-P.S. If you dismiss a Companion who had been equipped a Title, the Title will be automatically removed and became available for other companions.

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