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All the players can visit Lucretia the Evolution Master in MiracleCity to find the entrance. Note that Companion Inheritance will beunlocked after your main hero reaches Lv30.


I.  Level Pass

Youcan transfer level from a ‘Mentor’ (with higher level) to a ‘Student’ (withlower level).

1.Please make sure the Mentor has reached Lv30 or above and the level differencebetween the Mentor and the Student must be at least 30.

2.Starfire Crest or Fairy Tear is required to start a level inheritance.

3.After the inheritance, the Mentor’s level will be inherited by the student (butluckily his/her level will remain the same). And the student’s new level willbe based on the type of material you choose and your VIPlevel.


II. Evolution TierPass

Also,you can transfer the evolution tier from one companion to another.

1.Please make sure the Mentor has reached Tier3 or above and the tier differencebetween the Mentor and the Student must also be at least 3. Tier pass is notallowed when the tier will exceed maximum of the receiver.

2.You need Starfire Crest, Oak Leaf, Pine Root or Eternal Fruit to do this.

3.After the transfer, the mentor will get back to T0 while the student reaches a correspondingtier (based on the type of material used and your VIP level).


Please notice that Starfire Crest can be used in both Level Pass and Evolution TierPass. For better effect, you can always find the other materials in the DiamondShop.


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