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The entrance of Daily Quest can be found in the Routine system.





Every day you will have a group of quests.

Every group of quests are composed of 2-3 single quests. There's no limitations on the order in which you complete the quests. You can start from any one of the quests in the group.

When you complete a quest, you will get Exp rewards.

When you complete all the quests, you will get a chest as reward.

As long as there’s a reward, you can claim it. Note: once you claim the reward, you will move forward to the next group of quests even if you haven’t completed all of the previous quests.

Every group of quests has star ratings,ranging from 1-5 stars. The higher the star rating is, the better rewards you will get.

Manual Reset. You can reset the quests manually, every reset will cost 10 diamonds and the current quests and reward will be reset.

Every day you can only open chests 6 times, i.e. you can only complete maximum 6 groups of quest daily. When you complete the sixth group of quest, you are done with the daily quests.

If there’s no reward claimable, the quest will be reset the next day.

Players at different level will have different quests.

Quest range: Level 20-2930-3940-4950-5960-6970-80

Type of quests:

         1)    Pass instances (including Elite instances)

         2)    Upgrade Talent

         3)    Training

         4)    Forging

         5)    Alchemy

         6)    Challenge in Arena

         7  Pass Dragon Lair

         8  Synthesize gears

         9  Spend diamonds

        10) Pass Dungeon

        11) Gained Crystals in Alchemy


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