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Star Rating System

Star Rating System is a new feature that Dragon Bane Elite put in place. You may notice that each instance you completed, there are a number of stars under it!

Now based upon the number of stars you got in a chapter of instances (when you slide into the next page, that’s another chapter), you will get different level of rewards! See the following picture for details:



For example, when you get 3 stars in Chapter 1, you will get the prize inside the first chest; when you get 9 stars in Chapter 1, you will get the prize in the second chest, so on and so forth.

Currently, the rewards include: Gold, Honor, Gear, Diamond, Crystal, and Gems.

Gold is used to forge your gears.

Honor is used to upgrade your talents.

Better gear means better ability, either in attack, defense or HP.

Diamond is the most important currency in DBE, you need them to buy items and for other purposes.

Crystals are quality stones which could increase your power like: Atk, Def, Health, Critical, Hit, Lethal, Dodge, Rage and other attributes.

Gems are also rare stones which are used to socketed into your gears and give you extra bonus like strength, technique, intellect, rage and health.


Another big change is that to lower the difficulty of getting companions, companions like Leo, Neil, Edens, Andre and Lulu will no longer be obtained by reputation, but based on the stars you got in Elite instances. The details are contained in the figure and table below:





Chapter 2 Elite Instances: 9 stars

Contract of Leo

Chapter 3 Elite Instances: 12 stars

Contract of Neil

Chapter 4 Elite Instances: 12 stars

Contract of Edens

Chapter 5 Elite Instances: 12 stars

Contract of Andre

Chapter 6 Elite Instances: 15 stars

Contract of Lulu


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