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In Dragon Bane, you can only buy Lv1 Green equipment in Shop or obtain it through challenging Instances. Higher quality equipment, like blue and purple, can get through synthesizing lower quality one, which requires related synthesise materials, equipment plan and a lower quality equipment!Once the level of your main hero reaches 20,40,60,80 or higher, you can synthesize all kind of equipment to higher quality.


Equipment Plans can be gained by challenging Elite Instances, synthesise materials can be gained by challenging Instances or buy it at NPC Edward with Gold or exchange Starfire Crestfor it at NPC Flare. Double click on a specific Plan to synthesize!

After synthesized successfully, the level of specific equipment will decrease by 5 but the attributes of the equipment will be boost greatly.


 The success rate of Forge is changeable, which got refresh every 30 mins.

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