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Players will gain Experience and Gems through the Dungeon. Gems can be socketed into your gear to strengthen your characters and increase their stats.

In the Dungeon you will encounter all kinds of monsters with different skills like Physical Attack Immunity or Stun Immunity. You will need to change your formation and companions to beat different levels of the Dungeon.

 The Dungeon will be unlocked after your level has reached 40 and you have completed the plot quest "King's Order". Players can enter the Dungeon by speaking with the NPC-Carina, through the Routine –Dungeon icon or through the Socket interface. Experience and Gems will drop in Dungeon. Furthermore, players can speak with the NPC Dungeon Master to open Chests and get even more gems.

Bosses and mini bosses in the dungeon (Dungeon Level 5, 10, 15, 20, etc…) will occasionally drop Evolution Stones and gems for you.


Every 10 Levels will unlock a new chest in the Dungeon Master's menu and players can claim those Chests once a day for free. The higher the level of the Dungeon that you have passed, the better the rewards you can get in the chests. Players can also reset the chest with diamonds.

If you are not able to pass your current best level of Dungeon, then you can tap on the “shining circle” button and reset the dungeon to an earlier level once a day for free.




Swipe right or left to jump from one Dungeon Level to another Level: 

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